James Gregory Weight Loss [Updated]: Before and After

Gregory is an American comedian. He started his comedy career at the age of 36. At first, James introduced performers at the Punch Line Comedy Club in Atlanta but with time, he himself became a performer.

Besides doing stand-up comedy, James has also been invited to multiple radio shows. Some of them are Bob and Tom show, John Boy and Billy Show, and Rick and Bubba.

James Gregory’s Weight Loss Journey

James Gregory weight loss

One of the most successful comedians that nobody has ever heard of, as James is known, has recently made news on the internet where fans were discussing Gregory’s health. It is said that he has lost weight.

However, when James was asked about the news he just didn’t answer the question or he did it in his own way.

When the interviewer asked James “You seem to have lost weight. How did you do that? Did you do some exercise?” James answered in his usual funny way, “Oh, exercise is hard. I just bought a bigger shirt.” While this answer made the audience laugh, it did not answer the question.

Has James Really Lose Weight?

James Gregory before after weight loss

Concerned about James’ health has only increased among his fans after the news of the comedian having a stroke spread. The stroke affected James’ memory. It is true that he has been overweight most of his life, however, recently a noticeable change in his appearance has occurred.

Whether Gregory really lost weight by exercising or controlling his diet or he is just getting old is a mystery as he doesn’t want to share it. But his losing weight is a fact.

The American comedian, Greg Gutfeld, has lost 15 pounds during the lockdown in 2020.

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4 thoughts on “James Gregory Weight Loss [Updated]: Before and After”

    • Possibly Cancer.
      My Father, an Uncle, lost weight, an had that Sunken Look to face.
      Best wishes Mr. Gregory,

  1. I think he was sick. He’s far too thin, his face is gaunt and his cheeks also looked odd in color. I think there’s more going on than he’s willing to admit.


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