James Gregory before after weight loss James Gregory before after weight loss

James Gregory Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Meet Gregory, a funny American comedian! His comedy journey began when he was 36 years old, and it’s quite an interesting story.

In the beginning, Gregory used to introduce other comedians at the Punch Line Comedy Club in Atlanta. But as time went on, he couldn’t resist the urge to try it himself, and guess what? He became a performer too!

But that’s not all; Gregory isn’t just limited to stand-up comedy. He’s been a guest on several radio shows like the Bob and Tom Show, the John Boy and Billy Show, and Rick and Bubba.

Not only does he make people laugh on stage, but he also tickles their funny bones on the airwaves!

James Gregory’s Weight Loss Journey

James Gregory weight loss

One of the most successful comedians that nobody has ever heard of, as James is known, has recently made news on the internet where fans were discussing Gregory’s health. It is said that he has lost weight.

However, when James was asked about the news he just didn’t answer the question or he did it in his own way.

When the interviewer asked James “You seem to have lost weight. How did you do that? Did you do some exercise?” James answered in his usual funny way, “Oh, exercise is hard. I just bought a bigger shirt.” While this answer made the audience laugh, it did not answer the question.

Has James lost weight?

James Gregory before after weight loss

Fans have been growing more worried about James’ health, especially since they heard about the comedian having a stroke. This stroke had a big impact on James’ memory. While it’s true that he has struggled with being overweight for most of his life, there has been a noticeable change in how he looks lately.

Whether Gregory shed those pounds through exercise or by watching what he eats, or if it’s just a sign of him getting older, is a bit of a mystery because he hasn’t really talked about it. However, one thing we can be sure of is that he has indeed lost some weight.

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