Kirstie Alley before after weight loss Kirstie Alley before after weight loss

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Kirstie is an American actress, model, producer, and TV personality. Although Alley started her acting career in the early 80s, the breakthrough in her career came in 1987, when she was cast as Rebecca Howe in the NBC sitcom, Cheers.

She has seen a lot of upheavals throughout her acting career. However, those upheavals weren’t entirely related to her acting. Some of them were about her health too. Throughout her life, Alley has fought a health-related problem.

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Journey

And that is fluctuations in her weight. She has seen herself gain weight and lose weight.

Which not only affected her health but also had a negative impact on her acting and modeling career. The good thing, however, is that Kirstie has now left those unhealthy days behind.

Kirstie Alley weight loss

She is now living a healthy and happy life. Recently, Alley lost around 50 pounds, which shocked her fans. Yes, Alley is still trying to improve. She does live a healthy life but she wants to be better. Here is her weight loss journey throughout the years.

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When did Alley Gain Weight?

This all started in the summer of 2004. Before that, Alley had quite a slim figure and she never seemed to struggle with her weight. However, it all changed. Recalling the old memories, Kirstie said, “I spent my whole life thin, then one summer I probably gained around 40 or 50 pounds.”

“Honestly, I didn’t know how fat I was,” Alley continued, “Thanks to the tabloids, I went, ‘Damn, girl, you’re fat!'” The main reason behind her weight gain was bad eating habits. Alley said that she was a “spontaneous person, who never planned.”

Now, after gaining weight she had to face different problems. The biggest of them was body image. Alley, herself, is a confident woman, however, she realized what other women have to go through and that is why she launched a show to tell them that it was okay.

Alley launched a show, Fat Actress. The show was based on Alley’s struggles that she faced in the world of perfect body obsession. Talking about the show, she said, “I think women across the country will relate to the story.

Alley’s Weight Loss in 2006-07

After struggling with weight for more than two years, Kirstie finally decided to get rid of the unhealthy weight which was slowing her down. Alley signed on with Jenny Craig, an American weight loss and weight management company, which helps in living a happy and healthy life.

Kirstie not only signed on but also became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig. After six months of working with the company, Alley succeeded in losing 75 pounds, a big accomplishment. 

Talking about her weight loss journey with Jenny Craig, she said, “I lost it (weight) on Jenny Craig. I exercised moderately on my yellow townie bike. I rode it on a really long trail or over to my friends’ house. Sometimes, I rode for one or two hours.”

Kristie continued, “I tried to think like a kid. You know, what kids do. They get up, they run over to somebody’s house, and they jump on their bike. They are always in motion.” After that, Alley successfully kept that weight away for more than three years. 

However, she didn’t succeed in the long term and gained some of it back. This had a very negative impact on her mental health as well. Alley had decided to live a healthy life and looking at herself falling shocked her. But she didn’t give up.

Alley’s Weight Loss in 2011

In order to make some healthy changes to her health and get back her previous physique, Kirstie joined the 12th season of Dancing with the Stars. When she joined the show, she weighed around 230 pounds

The show brought quite a positive change in not only her physical health but also her mental health. Alley finished in the second position. Throughout her journey on the show, she successfully lost more than 100 pounds! Which was quite a big change.

This huge change in Alley’s appearance made big talk on the internet. Kirstie said that she had lost weight because of “hours spent in the studio and an organic diet”. However, critics were of a different opinion.

But Alley was having none of it. She replied to all the criticism by saying, “No surgery, No Flippin lasers, No barfing, No starving. Jeez, why can’t you guys mind your own business? It was my products, organic food, dance.”

Kirstie’s Weight Loss in 2015

Just like before, Alley regained some of the lost weight. She rejoined Jenny Craig as a spokesperson and this time succeeded in losing 50 pounds. She had joined the program to lose the gained 30 pounds

Clearing the misconception among a lot of young women, Alley said, “Losing weight is losing weight, but just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re happy.” This time, Alley promised herself to stay away from every kind of unhealthy food.

She said that she is keeping herself away from triggering food. Not only that, Alley even restrained herself from holiday treats. “I’m much more disciplined than before,” Alley announced. Her focus is now on what she eats throughout the day.

And in this way, Kirstie has succeeded in keeping her weight at bay. However, she recently gained some weight because of Lyme disease. Alley is dealing with the problem and is getting better. 

Before & After Weight Loss

Kirstie Alley before after weight loss

Alley’s weight loss journey has been quite a remarkable one, filled with both triumphs and setbacks. She began her journey when she weighed a substantial 250 pounds.

As she embarked on her mission to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Alley experienced numerous ups and downs.

Through sheer determination and unwavering commitment, she managed to shed approximately 100 pounds, ultimately reaching a significantly healthier weight of 150 pounds.

Alley’s Comment on Her Weight Loss Journey

While answering the question about her weight loss, Kirstie said, “I am feeling very good. It feels like I have got some kind of energy in me. I encourage other women to work on their health not because of how they look but because it is good for their health.”

During an interview, Kirstie was asked by the interviewer if we would see her in a bikini, to which she playfully responded, “I don’t know. I might do nudes. I should do nudes.

When discussing her future plans, Kirstie expressed her desire to return to acting and work on films that would make her exceptionally proud. It seems like she’s got some exciting plans in mind for her career ahead!

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Final Words

Even after seeing multiple ups and downs in her weight loss journey, Alley didn’t give up. She stood tall and kept fighting. And in the end, Kirstie succeeded.

By doing so, she has set a great example for other women as well, who want to live a healthy and happy life. I hope that her story helps you in getting better.

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