Tanisha Thomas before after weight loss Tanisha Thomas before after weight loss

Tanisha Thomas Weight Loss: Before and After [2024]

Tanisha is an American TV personality. She first appeared in the second season of Bad Girls Club, an Oxygen Network’s reality TV show. Since then, Thomas has earned a lot of fame and has made hundreds of thousands of fans. 

Tanisha likes to keep her fans updated about what she is doing or where she is going on Instagram. Her fans like that too. However, one of her photos shocked her fans and started rumors like wildfire. In the photo, Tanisha seemed very slimmer as compared to her old photos.

Some fans suspected that she was going through some health issues. Others said that she must be in deep depression. The main reason for the shock was that a week before, there was no such change in her body.

This meant that Thomas had lost 12 pounds weight in just a week. However, relief came when Thomas cleared the confusion by saying, “I did it intentionally”.

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How did Tanisha Lose Weight?

Tanisha Thomas after weight loss

Soon after finding out that there was nothing to be worried about, the next question from fans was how did she do it. To lose weight, Tanisha underwent a lot of changes. She had to overcome her old negative habits.

Before starting the weight loss journey, Thomas had to work on her old eating habits. She also had to change the habit of sitting in front of the TV and binge eating. These negative habits, accumulated over time, had a very bad impact on her health.

Doctors warned her that if she didn’t change her eating habits, she might struggle with diabetes in the future. This was it. At that point, Thomas decided that she was going to lose weight and transform her health completely.

Diet Plan

Tanisha made a big change in her eating habits. She decided to stop eating fast food and drinking alcohol. Instead, she chose a new way of eating called a liquid diet. A liquid diet is a special kind of diet where most of the foods you eat are in liquid form, like milk, ice cream, soup, and yogurt.

This diet helped Tanisha get all the important nutrients her body needed while avoiding unhealthy foods. In addition to cheese, yogurt, milk, and sour cream, she also enjoyed mashed vegetables and fruits.

Her mornings began with a cup of green tea and a crisp apple to kickstart her day. This change in her diet made her feel healthier and better overall.

Workout Plan

To shed some extra calories, Tanisha decided to join a gym. She spent an hour every day doing cardio exercises, like running and cycling. This routine not only helped her keep her weight in check but also had some remarkable results.

Thanks to her commitment to this healthy and strict routine, Tanisha managed to shed an impressive 12 pounds in just one week, and the weight loss continued. It was an amazing achievement that left her feeling happier and healthier.

Was There Any Surgery?

Tanisha Thomas weight loss

As Thomas shared her photos on her Instagram, there were a lot of theories going on the internet. The most famous of them was that Tanisha lost weight because she underwent weight-loss surgery.

However, in reality, there was no surgery. Tanisha lost weight by working hard and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Before & After Weight Loss

Tanisha Thomas before after weight loss

As you can see from the apparent difference in her photos of before and after, Thomas didn’t stop after losing 12 pounds. She continued And continuing she continued shedding pounds. Tanisha lost 70 pounds and reached the weight of 200 pounds, as compared to her old weight of 270 pounds.

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Final Words

By taking care of her health at right time, Thomas has set an example by following that we can live a healthy life. As of now, Tanisha is living a healthy and happy life. She has done it by doing a lot of hard work which is essential for every kind of success.

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