Joy Reid Weight Loss [2023]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Reid is an American TV host, a liberal political commentator, an MSNBC National Correspondent, and the author of several books.

In 2016, Joy was described as “one of the political pundits who have been at the forefront of the cable news conversations this election,” by The Hollywood Reporter. 

While Joy has earned a lot of fame and respect for her active journalism, there have also been some problems.

Aside from her deemed-homophobic comments, Reid also had to face some health challenges. 

As her daily schedule allowed little or no time to take care of her health, Reid put up some extra pounds.

As her weight started slowing Joy down, she decided to do something about it. After consulting with her doctor, Reid started a weight loss journey.

Another American TV personality, Madison Lecroy, has lost 10 pounds within a month.

Joy Reid’s Weight Loss Journey

Joy Reid weight loss

Right after the 2016 elections, Joy decided to make some positive changes to her health.

During the elections, she had a very busy schedule, so Reid didn’t have much time. Now that the elections were over Joy had plenty of time to lose weight. 

To get lighter and live a healthy life, Joy made some big changes to her diet plan. She stayed away from every kind of unhealthy food.

Not only that but Joy also joined a gym to work out.

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Joy’s Diet Plan

The first and foremost thing that Reid did in order to lose weight was to eliminate every kind of processed food from her diet.

She also got rid of processed sugar. Joy started eating more vegetables and fruits and limited her meat consumption.

She also drank a lot of water to preserve her energy for a daily workout session.

For breakfast, she ate eggs and oatmeal and for lunch and dinner, Joy chose from green salad, chicken breast, fish, and soup.

Maintaining a healthy diet plan made a very big difference in her life.

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Joy’s Workout Plan

While following a healthy diet plan was crucial to losing weight, working out was important as well.

Realizing this reality, Reid joined a gym in her neighborhood which she visited six times a week, leaving Sunday only. 

She lifted weights, did squats, pull-ups, and lunges, and ran on the treadmill.

Doing all these healthy workouts helped her in getting a healthy physique and appearance.

She also took help from the ancient practice of yoga to achieve peace of mind.

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Before & After Weight Loss

Joy Reid before after weight loss

By bringing some positive changes to her daily schedule, Reid succeeded in losing 20 pounds.

Bringing her weight to 121 pounds from 141 pounds.

The American actress, model, and TV personality, Kirstie Alley, has had quite a struggle with her weight. She lost 100 pounds.

Final Words

Joy has changed her life in a very positive way. She not only improved her physique but also her mental health by practicing yoga.

I hope that Reid’s weight loss story helps you in achieving your goal. Just remember the key to success is consistency.

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