Tess Holliday before after weight loss Tess Holliday before after weight loss

Tess Holliday Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Tess Holliday, whose birth name is Ryann Maegan, is an American plus-size model, make-up artist, and blogger.

Throughout her career, Tess has used her influence for body positivity activism. She has struggled a lot with her body image.

Most recently, however, Holliday shocked the world by losing a significant amount of weight.

The moment Holliday lost weight, she faced a lot of criticism from some of her followers, who asked “what happened to the body positivity?”.

Tess Holliday Weight Loss Journey

Holliday didn’t lose weight because of body shaming. Rather, she lost weight because she wanted to improve her health.

And the mere idea of body positivity means that we should appreciate every type of body and don’t judge others just because of how they look.

Later, Holliday announced on her Twitter that she was struggling with anorexia (eating disorder).

Let’s dive right into the weight loss journey of Holliday and find out how she deals with anorexia.

Tess Holliday weight loss

Tess’ Fight With Eating Disorder

Talking about her recovery, Holliday said, “I feel grateful that I’m tough enough to talk about this, but I’ve since taken a lot of steps backward in my recovery. I’ve regressed.”

She added, “I haven’t eaten today. It’s 11 o’clock and I’ve had two sips of coffee, and I feel sick. This has been extremely hard on my mental and physical health.”

Despite all the difficulties, Tess didn’t give up and kept fighting.

With the power of her will and her determination, Holliday succeeded in getting over her food addiction.

She tried to limit her calorie consumption and reduced the number of meals per day from 3 to 2.

Talking about her struggle with an eating disorder, Tess complained that she didn’t receive enough support.

“Recovery for me is messy. It’s lonely. It’s hard to deal with something for which there isn’t enough support.

Having a diagnosis has been liberating and it has made me feel less alone,” Tess told the interviewer.

She continued, “But the confused look on people’s faces when I say anorexia or the stares I get if it comes up in conversation now that’s hard.”

However, Holliday doesn’t take the criticism seriously. In fact, she keeps her focus on her goal.

In order to get healthy and get rid of the eating disorder, Tess made some big changes to her lifestyle.

She changed her diet plan completely. Along with maintaining a healthy diet, she also hit the gym where she does a lot of exercises.

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Holliday’s Diet Plan

To plan her new diet plan, Holliday sought the help of the professional dietitian, Anna Sweeney, who had also diagnosed her.

Tess stopped eating every kind of processed food and eliminated sugar from her diet completely.

Tess started eating only salad for lunch and dinner.

After making changes to her eating habits, she started seeing a lot of positive changes in her physique. 

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Holliday’s Workout Plan

In order to burn calories, Holliday joined the gym where she lifted weights, did cycling, and walked on the treadmill.

All these healthy activities helped Tess in overcoming her eating disorder.

She also did dancing along with her friends, which is a very good way of burning calories. 

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Tess Holliday Before & After Weight Loss

Tess Holliday before after weight loss

After receiving treatment and making some healthy lifestyle changes, Tess has made remarkable improvements to her health. She successfully lost 20 pounds, going from a weight of 286 pounds to a healthier 266 pounds. It’s an incredible achievement that shows her dedication to a better, healthier life.

Final Words

Holliday has struggled with fluctuations in her weight for a long time.

However, finally, she has succeeded in taking control of her health. I hope that she stays healthy.

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