James Avery before and after weight loss James Avery before and after weight loss

James Avery’s Struggle with Weight Loss [2024]

Avery won thousands of hearts with brilliant acting and his amazing voice. Avery died because of complications in his open-heart surgery.

James Avery Weight Loss

After James’ death, a debate started. Saying that Avery was struggling with his weight.

However, there’s no official comment from the star himself but that might be the case.

As James approached his late 60s, his weight continued to increase.

Now, whether Avery died because of being overweight is another thing and nobody knows if that’s true.

Doctors didn’t give any such comment. But he did have issues with his increasing weight and it probably contributed to his heart problem.

James Avery before and after weight loss

On James’ death the famous star, Will Smith, commented as follows “Some of my greatest lessons on acting, living and being a great human being came through James Avery. Every young man needs Uncle Phil. Rest in peace”.

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