Steve Gonsalves Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before & After

The Ghost Hunter has cut loose some pounds of his unhealthy weight. Have you ever been in a situation where your nightmare comes true?

Well, Steve Gonsalves has encountered such a situation a lot of times since 2010. The actor had to consider his increasing weight and unhealthy diet for the sake of his good health.

Don’t worry about the word “nightmare” as it was gym which was a nightmare for Steve. Yes, the name of weight loss itself was troubling for Gonsalves.

But nevertheless, he went through all this and in the end, lost a considerable amount of weight. Steve’s journey of weight loss is very interesting. Let’s find out how:

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Why did Steve choose to fight his nightmare?

Steve Gonsalves journey

Steve Gonsalves is a huge fan of sugary products. He loves eating cakes, candies, cookies, and cold drinks. But how he denied the things he loved is the real story.

Steve started his weight loss journey in 2010. With the passage of time the viewers of “Ghost Hunters” noticed a change in Gonsalves’ appearance.

He continued his weight loss journey for a long time till he got results. He still follows a healthy diet. In 2013, Gonsalves tweeted that said: “Please suggest to me the best exercise to lose weight?” Every fan had his own suggestion.

Some said “running would do the job” others suggested swimming. One fan said, “Balance on tiptoes and elbows while keeping your back straight. Stay like that for 30 seconds. It has really worked for me”.

The interesting thing is that Steve follows the suggestions of his fans. And his fans love him more for this reason.

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How did Steve lose weight?

That is the whole story. As mentioned earlier Gonsalves has been a lover of sweet food but he had to change his preferences.

To lose weight the former cop had to get out of his comfort zone and lift some weight. Although it is obvious that Steve followed a strict diet and workout plan the rumors on social media say otherwise.

There has been a lot of talk about ‘Steve going through weight loss surgery since he has shed pounds. But he has never addressed it himself. He has also not denied it.

In one of his tweets, Gonsalves said that “I should stop eating multiple desserts a day.” This tweet shows how much he loved eating dessert.

In another tweet from 2016, Gonsalves said that there was his favorite Halloween candy, snickers, but he could not eat it just because of his “awful diet”.

No matter how much Steve hated following a diet but nonetheless he followed it with regularity.

The Ghost Hunter, Gonsalves also joined a gym that he described as his “worst nightmare” where he would do intense workouts for an hour.

He also shared the progress on his Twitter along the way. Much of the diet and workout has been kept secret by Steve. Which shows that he does not like sharing things about his life.

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Before & After

Before and After Steve Gosalves

The difference that Steve made is apparent in the difference in the photo. You can see how he has transformed himself.


Steve Gonsalves’s struggle with weight shows that you will have to get out of your comfort zones to accomplish what you wish to.

You will have to sacrifice things that you love the most. Perhaps the comfort zones are the worst enemies of humans as they hold us from achieving the great things we wish to achieve without even letting us know about it.

I hope that Steve Gonsalves’ story has taught you some important lessons about your life and the fact that ‘there is nothing as for nothing’.

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