Kat Timpf Weight Loss 2021: Before & After Journey

Kat has won the hearts of people with her interesting style of writing. She is also a great comedian. Timpf is a multi-talented successful woman. She has scored high in almost every field she has worked in.

However, when it comes to Kat’s health, it is apparent that she has had some health issues over time. Timpf has undergone two surgeries. One neck and the other back surgery. Besides she also had some struggles with weight.

Kat Timpf’s Health

Kat Timpf before weight loss

As of now, Timpf is okay and is doing good. She has undergone a weight loss journey and lost some extra pounds. Since then Timpf has improved her health a lot.

Kat Timpf’s Weight and Height

Kat Timpf weight loss joureny

Kat’s current weight is 54 kgs (119 lbs) and her height is 5 feet and 6 inches (1.68 meters).  At one time, her weight was around 60 kgs but as you can see, she has made pretty good progress. The famous American filmmaker, Michael Moore, has also lost 70 pounds.

Kat Timpf’s frustration regarding Weight

Kat Timpf before after weight loss

When Timpf was struggling with weight and was trying to lose some pounds, there were many rumours on the internet. People were talking about her and were presenting their opinions.

However, after being frustrated with all these rumours, Kat finally came on Twitter and said everything she was holding back. Timpf said “Yes! I have, in fact, gained weight & it is interesting that viewers keep pointing this out to me. I mean, you would think it would be more clear that I must already be aware of it and not need to be informed as I am, in fact inside of this body all the time.” [1]

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