Dascha Polanco Weight Loss: Before & After Journey [2021]

The ‘Orange is the new black star, Dascha has risen to fame after her debut on Netflix. She has inspired so many people and has won thousands of hearts with her role, playing Daya Diaz.

Polanco loved acting and she wanted to be an actress since she was just a child.

However, there was one obstacle between her and her dreams. Whether it was real or illusionary but it was preventing Dascha from achieving her dreams. Her weight. Yes, she has always felt very insecure when it comes to her weight.

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How weight hold Polanco from acting?

Dascha Polanco Weight Loss

Polanco’s weight was increasing day by day. As she graduated from high school Polanco left her childhood dream.

She believed that no matter how good an actress she was they were going to reject her just because of her weight.

This belief holds Dascha from achieving any success. So leaving her dream Polanco enrolled in a nursing course. She did nursing for a year.

A miracle happened, there Dascha realized that her belief was totally wrong and a hindrance in her path. She realized that nothing would happen until I leave my old beliefs and do something.

Polanco started giving auditions for different programs. She also started what would impact her health and career in a very great manner.

Dascha started a weight loss journey. With all these positive decisions Dascha started making progress.

She said how she felt about her self “A lot of my life as a young adult has been influenced by how people will accept me or feeling that I am not enough to accomplish certain things because of how I look. I was very fearful of going out on auditions and being told, ‘well you have to lose weight your hair is curly.

Within half a year after her decision to leave her old beliefs, she got an offer from Netflix. That is when Polanco played Daya in The orange is the new black which proved to be a breakthrough. With the passage of time with some effort, Polanco also succeeded in losing weight. Here is how she did it.

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How Dascha lost weight?

When after losing a considerable amount of weight she appeared in public. Her fans have gone mad. Some wrote, “this is my dream body”. Others said “This is the greatest decision of your life.” They started congratulating her on her achievement.

Dascha lost weight by following a diet and workout plan. She embarked on a journey to conquer her fear.

The actress followed a strict diet plan where she would only eat what would boost her health and avoid gaining weight. Here are her diet and workout plans.

Diet Plan

Polanco starts her day early in the morning by preparing her children for school. She is a mother of two. She is not a fan of sleeping and usually wakes up at six in the morning.

She takes her children to school by herself. On coming home she prepares herself breakfast. Usually, Polanco eats egg whites with truffles and a protein shake.

The actress eats a lot of papayas as it has a lot of fiber. She also loves Dominican vegetables like yams, yucca.

Besides that Dascha drinks a lot of fruit juices as they “boost the energy for the whole day” and keep her going. Her trainer has suggested her avoid eating fast and processed food.

Polanco eats lunch when she is done with her workout she said “The most important thing is to always eat after you work out. So after I am done with a workout I have a grilled chicken with vegetables.

She drinks herbal tea in place of milk tea. In fact, she eats a lot of herbal tea. Which is good for health.

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Workout Plan

Polanco is not much of a discipline lover. She doesn’t like someone bossing her. So she does whatever she likes.

However, she is a very responsible person, Dascha knows what is healthy and unhealthy for her. She believes that workout is very important for your health but what is more important is your mental good being. You should not work like a machine in the gym or in the office.

Dascha has joined a gym where she does a lot of workouts. She does a lot of cardio workouts. Her favorite exercise is squatting, cycling.

The actress likes a lot of sweating though. She loves the workout which includes a huge physical workout. So she can enjoy her meal afterward. The actress has been following Blink lately.

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How much weight did Polanco lose?

When the actress, Dascha appeared after a significant weight loss people started asking her how much weight she lost.

Although she hasn’t shared the number yet but a great estimate is that she has lost weight between 30 to 40 pounds.

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Before & After

Dascha Polanco Before After

As you can tell by seeing the difference before Polanco weighed 230 pounds. However, after weight loss, her current weight is around 174 pounds, which is a very big achievement.

Polanco were struggling to find self-love

In one of her interviews, the actress admitted that she always had a “bad relationship” with her body.

She said “I could not find self-love. I always thought that self-love would come from outside. But I was wrong.”

This came like a revelation to Polanco. The good thing is that she found love. Dascha found out that nothing would change until she would do something to change it.

She also promotes self-love among her fans. Her message is that self-love is a very important part of one’s happiness.

Dascha as a Mother

When Dascha was just 17 years old she got pregnant. It brought a lot of challenges for her. It changed her life so drastically.

After her graduation, Dascha started doing a job of nursing to take care of her newborn baby. While Polanco was at job her mother was taking care of her child. After doing all these efforts she really deserves where she is today.


Dascha has taught us that whenever you are stuck somewhere and are not making any progress this is the time to question your beliefs.

Perhaps what is holding you back is a set of your wrong beliefs. Of course, it takes a lot of courage but it is the right thing to do.

Polanco has also proved that nothing is impossible, whenever you feel like every door is closed and you can’t get out of the vicious cycle of failure there is always a door.

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