meri brown before and after weight loss meri brown before and after weight loss

Meri Brown Weight Loss [2024]: Before & After

Meri Brown recently unveiled a striking new look that got her fans talking. They couldn’t help but wonder how she managed to shed a significant amount of weight, around 10-15 pounds, with her daily determination and hard work.

Let’s dive into the details of her impressive transformation and discover the steps she took to achieve her incredible results.

Weight Loss Journey

meri brown after weight loss journey

Circumstances suggest that Meri started her weight loss journey after she broke up with Kody. I would not like to comment on these personal issues but it is apparent that her divorce was her motivation for weight loss.

Meri was asked once in an interview about her weight, she answered “I knew I had to do it. I was figuring out how. Because my weight was becoming a problem for me in many things”.

She used the help of many motivational quotes in her journey as well. She posted a quote on her Instagram post, which said: “A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.

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How did She Lose Weight?

meri brown weight loss

Meri lost her weight gradually through a well-organized workout plan. Meri followed a very slow workout plan.

As she once responded to a question “I feel very exhausted after a workout of an hour that is why I don’t do workout more than an hour.

Meri also had various problems with her diet plan. She admitted once as “I don’t have much control over myself and I feel bad about it. I feel guilty about it.

She said, “I try to control myself as much as I can but then I forget that I am on a diet plan and do something bad.” However, she overcame these troubles and proved herself to be a true inspiration for others.

Her posted quote about Women’s strength tells us that she believed in herself and she did it.

Diet Plan

Meri’s diet plan was mainly composed of light food. Following is the proper routine of her diet plan:

Meri would wake early in the morning at 5 O’clock. After waking up early she would go jogging and then from there go to the gym.

After spending an hour there Meri would come home and eat breakfast. Her breakfast consisted of salad. In drink, she would have either Green Tea or Gorge Juice.

Meri’s lunch would consist of vegetables rich in protein, vitamins, and fiber. The vegetables would be fried in olive oil.

She also had a target to drink 100 ounces of water a day which Meri described as “something hard”.

For dinner, Meri would eat chicken and sometimes fish which also would be fried in olive oil. Meri said in one of her Instagram posts that she loves sleeping early at night and waking early in the morning.

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Workout Plan

Meri spends an hour every day in the gym her workout is not limited to the gym only. She is a big fan of Yoga and practices it herself.

In the gym, her main focus is on cycling since it helps you in burning off calories and energy and causes a lot of sweating.

When asked about her workout, Meri answered: “I try to wake up early in the morning and this is my first task of the day, after it, I hit the gym and try to work hard as I can”.

Her co-chymnastics have said that Meri also does some weight lifting and punching.

How much Weight did Meri lose?

meri brown weight loss journey

We have tried very hard to find the information about Meri’s weight loss journey as she keeps most of her personal life secret. The paparazzi do not seem to be successful in capturing her personal life.

We do not know exactly how much weight she has lost on this journey. However, a fine estimate would be 13 to 15 pounds.

Meri has worked so much hard and has proved that no matter what if a woman commits herself to achieving her goal there is nothing on this planet that will hinder her path. And I agree with her.

Mari has continued her workout and diet plan to this day though to a lesser degree.

She is busy in her everyday life and gives motivation to others who are struggling with their overweight. Truly she is an inspiration.

Before and After Weight Loss

meri brown before and after weight loss

By looking at both photos one can point out the difference. In the first photo, she looks different and overweight.

However, the second photo tells a different story. Meri once said in an interview “Being fit and fine is one of my dreams and I have achieved it after long hard work. My body is now in my control”.

Meri’s workout is the inspiration for every woman not only for young ones but for everyone. She proved that with a healthy diet, you could achieve what seems impossible.


So far, Mari is happy with her performance and her achievement. She said about her journey “I know it was hard nevertheless I continued doing it and I did what seemed rather impossible.”

We hope that Mari’s story will help you in overcoming your weight and will inspire you. Also, make sure to comment on the thing which is hard for you to do in your journey.