Kate Middleton lifestyle Kate Middleton lifestyle

Kate Middleton’s Lifestyle: Diet, Workout, Body Measurement

The Princess of Wales and the wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton’s lifestyle has always been a topic of discussion among her fans and followers.

Recently, after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, this discussion has multiplied. As Prince William became heir to the British throne, fans were more than ever interested in Middleton’s life.

Even at the age of 40, the Princess of Wales has a slim figure and is fit and fine. So, how does the mother of three maintain her slim figure? Well, she is Princess of Wales and is the future Queen consort of Britain, but she leads a very simplistic and normal life.

Given Middleton’s lifestyle and her regular routine, no wonder she is still the same weight and health as when she married Prince William.

So, read this piece of writing till the end, because we are going to discuss Kate’s lifestyle in detail.

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Kate Middleton’s Lifestyle

Kate Middleton lifestyle

As already mentioned, despite being a member of the Royal family and the future Queen consort, Middleton lives the life of a regular mother and wife. She takes her kids to school, goes grocery shopping, and visits different social events.

Kate’s Everyday Life

Kate starts her day by waking up early in the morning. The first thing in the morning that Middleton does is that she goes for a long walk. After coming from a walk, she eats breakfast along with her family and then prepares the kids for school.

And then takes her kids to school. Sometimes in the company of Prince William and sometimes by herself. After that Middleton hit the gym (we will talk about her workout routine later). She also goes grocery shopping. Middleton does most of the home errands along with Prince William.

Kate’s Diet Plan

Middleton maintains a very healthy and modest diet. She stays away from processed food as far as possible. She also doesn’t eat sugary foods. Besides that, Middleton also drinks a very low amount of alcohol. This healthy diet helps her maintain a healthy figure.

However, there was a time when Kate struggled with extra weight. She has faced this situation three times in her life. After giving birth to her each child, Kate struggled with post-pregnancy weight, and to lose that she followed the Dukan Diet.

Now, for those of you who are hearing about this diet for the first time, the Dukan diet was created by the French nutritionist and practitioner, Pierre Dukan, in 2000. It was named after him. Dukan suggests limiting the consumption of carbohydrates helps in burning fat faster.

The main idea of the diet is to eat lean meat and oat bran in excess. It also focuses on drinking as much water as possible. And along with that a 20-minute walk. If you follow this diet on a daily basis, according to Dukan, you are bound to lose more weight. Well, it has worked for the Princess of Wales, Middleton.

Kate’s Workout Plan

Kate’s workout plan is not any different from what any regular person would do. She does all kinds of cardio workouts. From push-ups to pull-ups, from lunges to crunches, and from weight lifting to cycling. Besides that, the Princess also engages in sports activities such as tennis and swimming.

She also meditates on a regular basis, which helps her clear her mind and achieve peace in this noisy world. So far, Middleton follows a single healthy routine and is living a healthy and happy life. Well, if you ask the secret of her health, it is consistency and modesty in every aspect of her life.

Kate’s Body Measurement

By following a healthy diet and staying consistent in her life, Kate maintains a slim figure of 54 kg (119 pounds). She stands tall at 1.75 m.

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Final Words

Princess Kate Middleton has proved that no matter whether you are a Royal family member or just a regular person, staying healthy is equally possible for both of them. Living a healthy and happy life doesn’t require much but just consistency, discipline, and modesty.