Katie McGowan Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before & After Journey

All eyes are on the winner of the ninth season of Ink Master. McGowan has recently brought a drastic change in her physique. Katie shocked her fans when she appeared in the season 10 finale. 

There was a significant change in Katie’s appearance to her old self. She lost a considerable amount of weight to stay on the healthy track. Since then McGowan has managed to stay healthy and good.

How did Katie lose weight?

Katie McGowan Weight Loss journey

When the interviewer asked Katie how did she lose weight, she answered “First of all, I determined how many calories I was going to take daily.” She determined the amount of food she would have on a daily basis.

McGowan changed her eating habits, she gave up eating fast food and all unhealthy food. She increased the consumption of veggies and fruits. Katie would also exercise for an hour daily and run for a mile. With all these efforts combined, McGowan succeeded in getting in shape.

Another Ink Master, Kelly Doty, has also lost extra pounds after getting inspiration from Katie.

Did Katie undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

Katie McGowan before after weight loss

Given the drastic change in McGowan’s appearance, fans suspected that she must have undergone weight loss surgery. However, that’s not true. Katie has not undergone any surgery. She only lost weight because she gave enough time to her health and managed her dieting.

Katie criticizes the Body-Shaming through her Art

Katie McGowan after Weight Loss 3

McGowan uses her art for many good things. She also uses it to support people who have been victims of body-shaming, either because of obesity or any other reason.

Where is Katie now?

Katie McGowan After Weight Loss 2

As of now, Katie is living with her cute little boy, Zeke, and her spouse. She seems to be very happy and satisfied with her new physique. “Being healthy is one of the good feelings,” said McGowan.

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  1. Katie,
    I am so impressed with you life change and success with your art. I had the pleasure of having you do two tattoos for me back when you worked in Maumelle. Thanks and it is pleasure having your ink on my arms


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