Briana Culberson Weight Loss: Keto Diet Worked!

Starting from a nurse and then becoming a TV personality isn’t a little thing. Of course, Briana loves her nursing work, however, she has also got a knack for TV. Besides her fame on TV, she is now a social media influencer and entrepreneur.

Culberson’s portfolio is very long, however, as the title of the article tells, we are not here to discuss her career but a recent development in her life. In case you haven’t already noticed from her new photos, Briana has lost more than 60 pounds

This huge transformation has changed her life completely. The biggest change of all is in her appearance. Briana now has a very slim figure compared to the old days. So, the question that arises is how. Well, let’s answer this how question.

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Briana Culberson’s Weight Loss Journey

Briana Culberson weight loss

Culberson wasn’t alone in her weight loss journey. Ryan, her husband, was also a part of it. In fact, they both were equally invested in this journey. Ryan and Briana started their weight loss journey in late 2016. 

Sharing the updates about the progress, Ryan wrote on his Instagram, “Smiles from a couple that’s down a combined 128 pounds! No fads, workouts, or magic pills just a consistent Keto lifestyle!” The couple followed the keto diet plan strictly throughout their journey.

They cut down whole sugar consumption by almost 100%. Briana also maintained a low-carb diet. Her diet would consist of 75% fat, 30% protein, and the rest of the carbs. Briana cut down her calorie consumption from 2000 to 1500 calories which proved to be very helpful.

She also drank a lot of water in order to keep her body hydrated the whole day long which in turn helped her improve her digestive system. Besides maintaining her strict keto diet plan, Briana also did a lot of workouts along with her husband, Ryan. 

Both visit the gym in the morning together and after doing workouts for an hour or two they return home. On returning, Culberson prepares breakfast and then takes her two boys to school. She has recently given birth to her daughter which has doubled the happiness of the family.

Before & After Weight Loss

Briana Culberson before after weight loss

Briana has really come a long long way. Her current weight is around 160 pounds while in the past, she weighed 225 pounds. She has lost more than 60 pounds along the way. When Culberson was asked about her before and after photos, she posted the following photo on her Instagram.

The actor and YouTuber, Mitch Grassi, has lost 25 pounds.

Final Words

Briana along with her husband, Ryan, has proved how much strength you can have if you work together. After giving birth to her daughter, Briana has successfully gotten rid of extra pounds which has been a huge change in her life. The keto diet can be a very good option if you wish to lose some pounds.

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