Nigella Lawson Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before & After

An American food writer, Nigella Lawson, is known for her delicious recipes. However, there is also another reason that she rose to fame. Lawson has recently lost a tremendous amount of weight. When after some considerable time Nigella appeared publically, she shocked a lot of people with her slimmer figure.

For the past few years, Lawson was struggling with some health issues because of her increasing weight. But as Lawson was busy with her work she could not take much time to focus on her health.

Then something happened and finally, Nigella realized that it was very important to work on your health. And she lost 2 stones (28 pounds).

One of the British chefs Nadiya Hussain also went through a weight loss journey and lost more than 40 pounds.

Weight Loss Journey

Nigella Lawson Weight loss before

It all started with surgery. After struggling with a bunion, Nigella finally decided to get rid of them. Lawson underwent a double bunion surgery. This surgery is done to correct a deformed area of your foot near the big toe.

Doctors told her that she had to rest until her feet healed fully. During that time when Nigella was resting on her bed, she realized that this was the perfect time to deal with obesity.

That was the time Lawson started a weight loss journey and transformed her body for the good. She lost weight by making some good decisions. We will discuss them in detail but before that, I want to clear a misunderstanding about her.

There is a common misunderstanding about Lawson in fans. They think that she lost weight by undergoing weight loss surgery. But as you can see (mentioned earlier) that Nigella underwent surgery because of the bunion. She started her weight loss journey later.

How did Lawson lose weight?

Nigella is a famous American chef. She’s also the author of multiple cookbooks. And as you can expect, most of the time Lawson would be surrounded by many delicious dishes. That none of us can say no to. There must be a concept in your mind that says ‘losing weight without a strict diet plan is very hard. Well, Lawson proved this concept to be wrong.

She literally lost weight without a well-planned diet plan. In fact, she appears to be against these diet plans by her statements.

Nigella said, “No one should be put on this earth to go on a diet.” She said, “As for myself, I have never been on a diet to try to lose weight.”

After reading this, there must be a question in your mind. ‘Well, then how did she lose weight?’ Here is how:

What did Nigella Eat?

While Lawson seems to be against the diet plan but she preaches healthy eating. Here is her simple philosophy, by following a diet plan we worry too much about making our dining table green that we forget the main reason that we started it. To lose weight. She said, “Don’t put much pressure on yourself.

Of course, we all know that consuming fast food is not good for our health in any way. But being paranoid about every kind of food is not good as well. Lawson said, “I am disgusted by the notion of clean eating because it implies that any other form of eating is dirty or shameful.”

There are other celebrities Chef who also shocked fans with their weight loss transformation such as Rachael Ray and Nancy Fuller.

Diet Plan

In her ideas, Nigella maintains a balanced diet. That is the major way she lost weight through. Lawson said about following a balanced diet that “I wouldn’t want a life where I lived on chia seed pudding, just as I wouldn’t want to live where I lived on eggs benedict or steak or chips.

She loves cakes and sweets but she also loves green vegetables. Chef star said, “I’m an avocado obsessive and I love Kale.”

She loves homemade food. Lawson often tries new recipes. “It is a celebration of home cooking, my books come out of my life.” Said Nigella.

She is also a chicken fan. Lawson described her love for food as “I love traditional food, and I’m never going to complain about having a pie! Roast chicken is my favorite food.” She further said “I think we are very open to different tastes and cuisines and looking at fresh ways to eat in this country. And I think that is something to be celebrated.”

Nigella’s way of eating can be concluded by her statement “I don’t like extremes. I think that’s the real truth. I think that food should not be used as a way of persecuting oneself and I think really one should look to get pleasure about what’s good.”

Workout Plan

Nigella also maintained her workout plan as a diet plan. She kept it balanced. Lawson’s said “I’m a simple person. I don’t like to put unnecessary pressure on myself. Doing yoga three times a week. I have to do something I enjoy, otherwise, I wouldn’t do it.” Yoga is a very good way of losing pounds and being at peace.

Lawson said “The older I get the more I realize I have got to do lots of stretching. So even if I’m not doing yoga, I make myself do lots of stretching.”

She further said “As you get on in life you start to feel that your old values are changing. You start to value feeling well as opposed to looking well. Yoga is a very good way of being healthy but because of my age I do it a bit slow.” Lawson’s way of losing weight is very balanced, free, and ideal.

Before & After Weight Loss

Nigella Lawson Before After

With the help of a balanced diet and workout plan, Nigella succeeded in losing 28 pounds. Her current weight is 165 pounds. Lawson has transformed her body in a very great way.

Final Words

We feel alarmed whenever we read the term weight loss. Because we think that it requires a lot of effort to lose weight.

We think that requires our mere identity, our eating habits, and our daily routine. But as you would agree, after reading Lawson’s journey, this is not the case.

Nigella proved it in a very good way that you must not put an unnecessary burden on yourself. She taught us that you can be fully yourself and yet succeed in getting in healthy shape.

However, one thing that must be mentioned here is whenever “enjoying food” is mentioned you must note that unhealthy food such as fast food will always contribute to your weight in unhealthy ways. Therefore, it should be avoided.

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