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Wendy Red Velvet Weight Loss: Before & After 2024

Wendy is a talented South Korean singer who was born on February 21, 1994, with the birth name Shon Seung-Wan. However, she’s better known by her stage name, Wendy.

In April, Wendy made her solo debut with the album “Like Water,” showcasing her musical talents to the world. But there’s more to Wendy than just her singing career – she’s also gained fame for her dedication to fitness.

Recently, Wendy underwent a remarkable transformation that left everyone amazed by her new appearance. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of how she achieved this incredible change.

Wendy’s Weight Loss Journey

Red Velvet Wendy Journey

Wendy has struggled with her weight since her early years. And the fans who have followed her since her early years know this.

She has gone under weight-loss routines multiple times. But it has not proven to work very well. Wendy has also been criticized for her weight.

When she first started her career, her weight seemed to hinder her way. She was rejected by Cube Entertainment just because of her weight.

However, her singing skills outweighed that negative factor. She heard people’s gossip and their negative comments about her weight.

Which would weigh down any normal person. But Wendy did not let those negative forces weigh her down.

Wendy started working on her weight and changed her appearance quite a bit. However, her weight was not stable, whether it was her eating habits or any other reason, we do not know for sure. But we do know that Wendy struggled a lot with her weight.

She would cut lose some pounds and after a few months, she would still struggle with weight. A permanent change came in Wendy’s life in 2016.

When in 2016, she returned with her group, Red Velvet, rumors spread all over social media. People passed negative comments on Wendy saying that “she cannot control herself”.

People were comparing Wendy with other singers of the group, who were much slimmer and with great looks.

Wendy finally took the decision to do something about the negative factor that was causing so many problems for her, her weight.

Because the weight was not only a problem for her appearance, but it was also slowing down her performance on the stage as well.

Wendy started her weight loss journey and lost a tremendous amount of weight in just 4 months. There are only a few such examples.

She shocked everyone. Wendy not only shut down the mouths of critics but she also seemed gorgeous in her new look. More gorgeous, I should say. Indeed 4 months is really a short time.

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 How did Wendy lose weight?

Red Velvet Wendy Weight Loss

When Wendy appeared with her slimmer body many people started asking her how she achieved so much change.

Whenever she was invited to any show, Wendy was always asked by the interviewer to tell something about her weight loss journey.

In one of her interviews, Wendy said “I did a lot of hard work. I know weight loss is not an easy thing. But I had to hurry because there were so many other things to do as well.”

You would be surprised to know that Wendy worked on her weight only 2 hours a day. And she achieved this in only 6 months.

In the brief period of 4 months, Wendy did intense workouts and followed a well-planned diet plan, that won achieved her success. What was that workout and diet plan? Let’s find out.

Diet Plan

When Wendy was asked about her diet plan in an interview (which was the favorite question of her fans), she mentioned her diet plan.

In breakfast, the Red Velvet member would drink the juice of fresh fruits rather than tea or coffee. Wendy mentioned that she would get lettuce juice with an apple.

When the interviewer asked what would she have for lunch, Wendy said that “I prefer Pumpkin juice in lunch.” As a South Korean, Wendy also loves rice, and her lunch would also contain some rice.

Reports say that Wendy did have dinner for a considerable time. She followed that routine until she felt some solid changes in her body.

I would not recommend anyone Wendy’s diet plan. As it doesn’t even cover enough calories an adult woman needs.

Wendy herself follows this diet plan for just 2 to 3 months. As her life was too busy and she had to change her appearance quickly.

But if you are not a singer and do not have to transform yourself according to your band members, then following a slow but healthy diet would be better for your health.

When the word “diet” is mentioned people take its meaning mistakenly as “stop eating” which is not a healthy activity.

Our body needs daily calories, which are for men 2500 and for women 2000 [1]. And we should at least cover those calories. We should not stop eating but we definitely should stop eating junk food which is fast food. Healthy food is a need for a healthy body.

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Workout Plan

Wendy was even stricter on workouts than a diet. After a whole day of work, Wendy would jump over and rob 10,000 times to digest what she had eaten all day.

Yes, as I said she was stricter about her workout. Well, it paid her back very greatly. After the exhausting jumping, Wendy would practice dancing for the next hour.

The red velvet star also joined a gym where she would do workouts for 2 hours daily. Wendy also did a lot of walking.

In the end, it seems that her consideration paid her off. Of course, after this kind of hard work you got to lose weight in just 4 months.

How much weight has Wendy lost?

Wendy Weight Loss

With the help of her intense workout, Wendy lost 15 KGs in a short period. She proved that all you need is commitment and discipline. Given the consideration, Wendy was given, she deserved that chance and she got it.

Where is Wendy now?

Red Velvet Wendy after weight loss

With that radical change in her physique, Wendy transformed her body for all time. She is back on screen now. With a slimmer body.

She no longer follows that strict diet and workout plan. But she is a lot cautious about what she eats the whole day. Wendy’s avoids junk and even traditional food in South Korea.

Before & After

wendy before and after weight loss

As mentioned earlier, Wendy faced weight struggles from a young age, carrying this challenge with her throughout her childhood. However, when she decided to pursue a career in music, it became an even greater concern. Wendy felt a strong responsibility to take action.

The transformation is evident in the photos. Before embarking on her weight loss journey, Wendy’s weight hovered around 62 kilograms. Through a complete overhaul of her daily routine and lifestyle, Wendy managed to shed an impressive 15 kilograms. Today, she weighs a healthier 46 kilograms. Her journey to achieve this remarkable change is truly inspiring.

Early Life

Wendy was born in Seongbuk Seoul, South Korea. She was a fan of music. Wendy said that when she was only 6 years old, her dream was to become a singer. Wendy went to Canada when she was 5 years old, to study abroad.

She continued her studies in the United States as well. Where she changed her name to the English version, Wendy Shon [2]. On her return to Canada again for higher studies, Wendy attended Richmond Hill High School in Ontario.

When Wendy was in high school, she started considering her childhood dream. She started practicing music. However, her parents were not happy with her choice.

They insisted that she should continue her higher studies and get some professional qualifications. But given Wendy’s passion for music and her love for her dream, her parents finally stepped down and let her pursue her dream.

Wendy first submitted an audition for Koreaboo’s Global Auditions in 2011. She did not make it to the final though.

However, Wendy did not stop there, she continued to audition. She finally on 1st August 2014 became a member of Red Velvet [3]. Which was her official debut.

Wendy achieved a lot of fame remaining in the band. She also worked with different artists throughout the time.

When in January 2021, Wendy returned to the screen after two months. She surprised her fans. She appeared as a co-host of Mysterious Record Shop.

Final Words

Wendy’s story can be an inspiration for us. In not only the matter of weight loss but in every difficulty we are facing.

However, it should be noted that the way, Wendy followed was in no way a safer one. Avoiding eating dinner and then doing this intense workout can be very harmful to our health.

However, what we should learn from Wendy are determination and consistency. She decided that losing weight was the only aim for the next months and she did it.

Wendy also worked consistently. She did not avoid a day of her routine. Wendy has changed her way of life for the better of the future. And we wish that she stays healthy the way she is now.

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