Mark Labbett Weight Loss: Diet, Workout, Before and After

The famous ITV chaser, Mark Labbett, has made a significant change to his appearance. Labbett is currently appearing in ABC’s The Chaser.

He is a successful TV personality. Despite his success in the world of showbiz, however, Mark was having some health issues.

Until most recently, Labbett was struggling with obesity. Obesity has been Mark’s problem since his childhood. And as a matter of fact, Labbett’s figure was the main reason he received the famous name of The Beast

However, he has overcome the issue and has lost a significant amount of weight. If you see Mark’s current figure you might not agree with his nickname, The Beast. In this article, we are going to find out how Labbett lost so much weight within months.

Why did Mark lose weight?

Mark Labbett after Weight Loss

One of the questions that fans ask frequently is why Labbett lost weight in the first place. They were concerned about his health. Labbett was having some health issues but he never gave much thought to weight loss.

However, he finally took the decision to lose pounds when doctors told him that he has Type 2 Diabetes. “There were some problems with my health and there was no better solution other than losing weight,” Mark told the interviewer. Hence started his weight loss journey.

After receiving inspiration from Mark, Jeff Mauro, and Whitney Way Thore have also lost extra pounds.

How much does Mark weigh before losing weight?

Mark Labbett Weight Loss Journey

Things weren’t going well for Mark. At his highest, he weighed about 29 stones. Now, that is 406 pounds (184 kgs). As you can assume these numbers are not very healthy. 

How did Mark lose so much weight?

Mark Labbett Weight Loss Journey 2

There are hundreds of techniques to lose weight and 100 books written on the subject. The dilemma for Labbett was to choose the best method.

In this matter, he asked his friend, Paul Sinha, for help. Because he also had the same diabetes.

After discussing with his friend and asking nutritionists, Labbett finally built a diet plan for himself in order to lose weight. He also did some exercise as well.

Diet Plan

There were many things Mark was consuming in a day. But the sugar was dangerous in all of them. As he had diabetes, experts told him to cut out all the sugar from his food. Mark said, “I loved sugar a lot. Most of what I ate contained sugar. But now I have to take control of myself.”

He continued, “I still consume sugar but awful lot less amount”. Besides that, he also gave up nonhealthy food such as Junk food and drinking. As of now, Labbett’s main focus is green vegetables. 

In an interview, Labbett said, “I have found out that the common thing among the most obese people is that they don’t eat breakfast”.

This might seem odd but if reflected upon, is a fact. If you don’t eat a proper breakfast, your energy level will be down the whole day and you’ll end up consuming a lot of calories because of hunger and stress. 

Workout Plan

Along with maintaining his food consumption, Labbett also focused on exercise. He would do running and cycle for an hour daily. Another interesting thing he did was he would play with his nine years old son.

Labbett would run along with his son. In that way, he enjoyed time with his son as well as burned a lot of calories.

Before & After Weight Loss

Mark Labbett Before & After Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, before starting the weight loss journey, Mark Labbett weighed 409 pounds. However, after weight loss, he now weighs about 266 pounds (120 kg).

How much weight did Mark lose?

With all effort combined, Mark lost 10 stones successfully. It was really a big deal. He lost 140 pounds (63 kg).

Final Words

When Mark got the news that he had diabetes, he had two options. One, either he becomes sad and depressed and ends up thinking about it all the time without doing any progress. Second, he should get up and start working on his health. 

The good thing is that he took the second decision. That’s what the most courageous people do. So if you are somehow stuck in such a situation, do the right thing.

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