Emeril Lagasse before after Weight Loss Emeril Lagasse before after Weight Loss

Emeril Lagasse Weight Loss: Rumors and Facts [2024]

You must’ve heard the advice, Do what you love. What about the chefs? Well, they aren’t exceptions to the rule in any way. They also do what they love, Food. So they engage themselves with food most of the day.

This is where troubles begin for most chefs. In this article, we are going to discuss Emeril Lagasse’s physique. A lot of controversies surround the super chef. However, few things are true.

As you might have noticed, Lagasse has been struggling with obesity for a while now. As you can expect being a chef brings you this stuff.

Spending most of your time in the kitchen and not eating while cooking is nearly impossible. So Emeril ended up being obese.

Did Emeril lose any weight?

Emeril Lagasse Weight Loss 2

A rumor saying that Emeril has lost weight has spread on almost every social media network. However, as far as truth is concerned, Lagasse hasn’t lost any weight. In fact, he is not even considering losing it.

As it appears he’s comfortable with obesity. When he appeared on Dr. Oz Show, fans were wondering if Emeril might get some healthy advice on how to control his weight. But what happened was far from expectation. In place of receiving advice, Lagasse was the one giving advice.

Yes, you read it right. He even advertised his non-stick pan. Lagasse never mentioned anything about his obesity. So the fact is that not only Emeril hasn’t lost any weight he is not planning to do so as well.

However, the famous chefs Nadiya Hussain and Jeff Mauro have.

Emeril Lagasse’s Weight

Emeril Lagasse before after Weight Loss

As of now, Lagasse weighs around 200 pounds, Not a very healthy number considering his condition.

Health Issues

Emeril Lagasse before Weight Loss

Another rumor about Emeril was that he had many health issues. There was even news about Lagasse having a stroke. However, there was no truth to it. The real problem was financial issues not health issues for the master chef.

After selling his restaurant in 2008, Lagasse was struggling financially he did not have a good income. Lagasse was so devastated that in an interview, he said, “I have nowhere to go, really other than broke.” 

That was the main reason that Emeril stepped down from TV. He started his own restaurant business again and within months, because of his delicious recipes, Emeril was receiving a lot of customers at his restaurant on a daily basis.

Where is Emeril now?

Besides obesity, Emeril is doing well in terms of health as well as finances. He owns multiple restaurants in the USA. The business is growing. Lagasse seems satisfied with his life.

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