Casey King Before and After Casey King Before and After

Casey King Weight Loss Journey – Before and After [2024]

Casy from Family by Ton has gone through an amazing weight loss journey. His full name is Stephen Casey King. He was overweight, jobless, and depressed.

Before starting his weight loss journey his weight was 711 pounds. He went through a lot of struggle and patience to achieve his goal of losing weight. 

In this article, we will deep dive into Casy King’s weight loss journey. 

Weight Loss Journey

Casey King Before and After

He has been overweight since his childhood. Casey King was around 400 pounds in his early 20s. At the age of 30, he can’t do anything other than eat the whole day and play video games.

Casey said he didn’t have any job or money and he was kicked out of his mom’s house. His mom wanted him to change and live a normal healthy life. But it was hard for Casey to do anything about it. So he was living in his father’s house in Georgia. 

Casey’s father loved him so much and he provided all the things Casey needed. He was eating like a king.

When the TLC Show Producer approached Casey and offered him the opportunity to provide help in his weight loss journey. Casey King agreed and promised to put all the efforts to lose as much as possible. 

Weight Loss Surgery

Casey had a deep fear of surgery. Doctors had warned him that his life was in danger, and if he didn’t make a change, he might not survive much longer.

When Casey finally decided he was ready for a change, the doctors explained that they would perform a procedure to reduce the size of his stomach. This would result in him having a smaller stomach, which would naturally make him eat less.

Even though Casey was quite scared, given that he had never experienced surgery before, he realized it was a necessary step to turn his life around. The doctors assured him that he would immediately shed around 50 pounds after the surgery. For Casey, who felt like he had no other option, this was a ray of hope.


Casey hired a personal trainer for workouts. That was also a great step taken by Casey. Now he really wanted to change himself and has some energy to do workouts. 

As he accomplishes more his self-esteem rises and he gets the motivation to do more. After being consistent with his workout routine, he lost 186 pounds in 6 months.

How much weight did Casey King lose?

Currently, Casey’s weight is 256 pounds. He lost 455 Pounds in all these years. His journey is truly a big inspiration for others who also want to lose weight but don’t feel motivated to take action. 

How much does Casey King weigh?

At the moment Casey weighs 265 pounds. And he is very happy about it considering where he came from.

Where is Casey Now

Casey King After Weight Loss 3

Now he is back to his normal healthy lifestyle. He has a job now and saving some money for skin removal. Casey is now doing just walking, hiking, and following a keto diet.

Tips from Stephen Casey King

Casey King After Weight Loss 2

Casey offers some tips to all people who also want to lose weight. But keep in mind that these tips work for Casey that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will work for you. So you can tweak these tips as you like. 

Drink Water

The no 1 thing that helps Casey is drinking more water. Don’t drink soda or any surgery drink. He said this is the most important tip to follow.

Drink water before and after meals and when you are hungry. Be hydrated all day. It’s a very easy and important tip to follow. Make sure you don’t ignore this. 

So make sure to keep a big bottle of water with yourself the whole day. It will remind you to drink it every time you see it. 

Focus on Protein

Try to eat food that is high in protein. You can eat chicken, fish, and eggs. These will stay in your body for a long time so you will not feel hungry. You will burn calories a lot faster from these high-protein foods. Don’t go for high sodium, carbs, or surgery foods. 

Eat Vegetables

Also, add some vegetables to your meal. You can add eggs, meat, and whatever you like. 

Increase your Physical Activities

Once you start to lose a little bit of weight then increase your physical activities. You can use any tracker on your phone that tracks the calories you burn. Get active in sports you love. As Casey loves hiking so he does hiking a lot.

So if you love playing basketball or cycling and any hobby then do it as much as possible. Doing things you enjoy will help you to burn a lot of fat you don’t realize. 

Open to New Things

Find new things that are healthy for you. You can add new stuff to your diet if that’s healthy and try out new activities that you enjoy. Try different things and adapt whatever works for you. 

Before & After Weight Loss

Casey King Before and After weight loss

Casey’s weight exceeded a whopping 700 pounds when he embarked on his weight loss journey. Today, he weighs a remarkable 256 pounds.

Over the course of his journey, Casey shed an astounding 455 pounds. According to Casey, his path to weight loss wasn’t overly challenging. Initially, weight loss surgery played a significant role in his transformation, and afterward, he continued to lose weight through regular workouts and adhering to a healthy diet plan.

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Final Words

If you are also struggling with weight then don’t let your emotions destroy you. Be like Casey King and change yourself. In starting It’s easy to give up but very hard to stick with your journey.

Casey’s weight loss journey is one of the biggest inspirations for you. If he can lose weight then you can too.

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