Russell Hantz Weight Loss 2022: Before & After Journey

Russell is an owner of an oilfield service company. He is also a television personality. Hantz is well known for participating in CBS’s Survivor several times. He has performed greatly on the show.

Russell first appeared on the Survivor in Samoa series in 2009. He was a runner-up. In Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, Hantz was the second runner-up. He has proved himself to be a real survivor.

Unfortunately, Hantz hasn’t won any series yet. But he has proved that he is one of the Survivors. There have been many problems with almost every survivor. But Russell’s case is unique. While being on the show, Hantz lost a tremendous amount of weight.

How much weight did Russell lose?

Russell Hantz Before and after weight loss

When Russell was trying to survive on that island, he was having a hell of a hard time. Hantz lost 60 pounds! Now, losing weight is common for contestants on the Survivor. But 60 pounds is a great deal. And nobody has lost that much weight yet.

Other Survivors also lost a significant amount of weight. Check Spencer Bledsoe, Kielyn Marrone, Courtney Yates and Denise Martin weight loss story.

Why Russell Hantz lost weight?

The show, Survivor, is all about surviving in the wild without any help coming from outside. Hantz was along with 19 other participants but they all had to take care of themselves

The hardest thing for survivors is finding food and a safe shelter. Now, both things might sound super easy when you are sitting in your luxurious house in a city. But out in the wild on the island, it wasn’t that easy.

Hantz had to eat what he could find that didn’t have any side effects. It included fish, fruits, flowers, and sometimes worms as well. But even these things were hard to find at all. So there were days when Hantz would sleep without even eating anything.

And there was a problem of finding clean and drinkable water too. So these all factors combined affected Russell’s health negatively.

Where is Hantz Now?

Russell Hantz Weight loss journey

As of now, Russell is living a healthy life. He has regained his lost weight by balancing his eating habits. However, his marriage life was affected as well. Soon after he got back home they separated. Hantz has four children with his ex-wife, Melanie. 

Hantz says that even though they are separated but they have mutual respect for each other and have good terms. Russell said, “I called her up before I came here, she said that she’d pray for me.”


Nature is beautiful but it can be dangerous as well. Make sure that whenever you want to meet nature you’ve got every necessary thing. However, in Hantz’s case, he lost weight but he gained a beautiful experience with nature. I hope that Russell’s story inspires you.

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