Niecy-Nash-Weight-loss-before-and-after Niecy-Nash-Weight-loss-before-and-after

Niecy Nash Weight Loss [2024]: Before & After

Niecy Nash, a versatile American talent, is famous for her acting, comedy, and TV-hosting skills. Despite her many accomplishments, Nash didn’t feel entirely happy.

She had concerns about her appearance, and everything changed when she embarked on a recent weight loss journey. She managed to shed about 20 pounds, and it made a big difference in how she felt about herself.

When did Niecy start her weight loss journey?

Niecy Nash Weight Loss Journey

In February of 2020, Nash and her former husband, Tucker, announced the end of their 8-year-old marriage.

Although Nash and Tucker separated peacefully and said goodbye to each other in a very good way, Nash faced some backlash from social media users. 

However, Niecy is a very brave woman she knows how to handle criticism. Since then, Nash started focusing on her health conditions. Within the period of 5 months, she lost 20 pounds.

How did Niecy Nash lose weight?

When Nash uploaded her new photos, Fans started questioning her about Nash’s new appearance. They wanted to know how Niecy succeeded in losing pounds.

The formula behind Nash’s success is simple, Hard work. Nash lost weight because she paid enough attention to the factors that were contributing to her weight.

Niecy successfully made a well-drafted diet and workout plan. With all these efforts combined Nash achieved a healthy body.

Niecy’s Diet plan

Nash simply cut all the items from her list that were contributing to her weight gain. She avoids fast food as well as processed food.

Niecy also avoids drinking much alcohol. Because it is one of the main reasons for weight gain.

Alcohol contains a very high amount of kilojoules. It restrains your body from burning fat. It can also raise your hunger, the result of which you will end up consuming more food than your daily needs.

Nash would eat fresh veggies and fruits for lunch and dinner. And in place of alcohol and soft drinks, she would have juices or fresh fruits. Niecy always starts her morning either with a glass of gorge juice or a cup of green tea.

Niecy’s Workout plan

Nash is also involved in exercise activities in order to maintain her body’s needs. She exercises at home.

Besides that, she also goes for a walk every morning. Niecy has also the habit of trying different techniques with her body in order to find out what works for her.

In 2020, She practiced acupuncture. It is an ancient traditional practice. Acupuncture is the process in which skin is penetrated by thin metallic needles which are then activated either through electric stimulation or by the practitioner’s specific hand movements.

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Before & After Weight Loss

Niecy Nash Before After

Within months of the weight loss efforts, Nash went from 200 to 173 pounds. She has made a great difference and has inspired many fans.

Nash apologized for body-shaming herself

In one of her Instagram posts, Nash appeared to be wearing a swimming suit and she mentioned the ‘flaws’ in her body. Later she apologized to her fans for body-shaming herself.

In the new post, Nash wrote “I had to apologize to myself and remind myself that these hips carried three children and brought them into the world very carefully.” Niecy further wrote, “I love my body and I am grateful for it.”

What does Nash say about her journey?

Niecy Nash seems to be very comfortable and happy with her life. She said, “I am grateful for how resilient God made me.” Niecy is also comfortable with her new appearance. 

She celebrates herself. In one of her interviews, Nash said “Whenever I feel down, I always analyze myself. And the important thing is that I always find something good. Which is worth celebrating”. 


Niecy Nash is a brave lady. She knows how to cope with hard times. We should also focus on our bright side and try to improve our flaws.

Because it gives us strength and the opportunity to thrive. Because there is always room for improvement.

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