Mark Benton before after weight loss Mark Benton before after weight loss

Mark Benton Weight Loss 2024: Before and After

Benton is a famous English actor and TV presenter. You might recognize him as Eddie from the TV series Early Doors or from his role in BBC One’s drama, Waterloo Road. Currently, he’s the star of BBC1’s show, Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators.

Lately, Mark Benton has surprised his fans, not with his acting skills, but with his looks. In the latest season of the show, viewers were taken aback by his new appearance. It’s clear that Mark has shed a considerable amount of weight. So, you might be wondering, how did he make this transformation happen?

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Mark Benton’s Weight Loss Journey

In his new interview, Mark shared that he lost weight by changing his diet and dancing. “I realized that I had put up on a lot of weight, which wasn’t clearly good for my health,” Mark said. “I wanted to lose all those extra pounds. I wanted to change myself and my wife helped me in that.”

Talking about his diet, Benton said, “I’m a vegetarian, so it’s quite easy for me to stay lean and fit. But I eat more fruits and vegetables than ever before. Now that I’m teaching (dance) classes, I’ve had to cut out the beer and bacon sandwiches during my lunch hour. Even though they tasted great!”

Changing his diet plan certainly helped Benton in losing weight but what helped him, even more, was his teaching dance classes. For those of you who don’t know, Mark started teaching jazz and ballot dancing classes after losing extra pounds.

It not only helped him in maintaining his health but also resulted in losing more weight. Just like his wife, Sarah Benton helped Mark in changing his diet, she also convinced him for teaching dance to young ladies. “My wife said to me, ‘you’ve lost all this weight, you’re looking great, why don’t you go and teach a dance class?’ I thought she was joking,” Mark said.

Mark Teaching Dancing Classes

Mark started teaching classes a year ago and his students are only growing. Talking about which, he said, “I actually started to teach dance not long ago. I do jazz and ballet. I’ve been converting all the local ladies into ballroom dancers.”

He is not only a very good dancer but a good teacher as well and has proved his worth. Losing weight while dancing is very fun. Not only you don’t feel like it’s work but it is also a kind of relaxation from today’s busy life.

Before & After Weight Loss

Mark Benton before after weight loss

“I lost an impressive 3 stone, which is approximately equivalent to shedding a remarkable 42 pounds,” Benton joyfully revealed. “And the best part is that I feel incredibly healthy right now.” He went from tipping the scales at 192 pounds to a much leaner 150 pounds.

Mark enthusiastically shared that he’s currently at the healthiest weight he’s ever been, proudly noting, “I’ve reached the same weight I had when I was working as an actor in London two decades ago.”

Final Words

Through his hard work and commitment, Benton has succeeded in shedding pounds. The secret to Benton’s success is that he found something that he loved (dancing) and which helped him in losing weight. If you want to shed pounds too, you should do the same. It might be sports in your case.

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