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Missy Elliot Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Workout, Before & After

Missy Elliott, the famous American rapper, has recently embarked on a remarkable weight loss journey, shedding approximately 30 pounds, and she’s determined to keep going. During the early years of her career, she didn’t pay much attention to her health.

She used to consume sugary drinks, sodas, and fast food, which contributed to her weight gain. Losing that excess weight became quite a challenge for her, and despite multiple attempts, she didn’t see any significant changes.

However, in May 2018, something wonderful happened. Missy Elliott shared a photo of her transformed self on Instagram, revealing her new, happier, and slimmer physique to the world.

Weight Loss Journey

Missy Eliot Weight loss

In 2014, she posted on Twitter that she lost around 30 pounds of weight by eating healthy and with continuous workouts.

Missy started taking care of her health after finding out that she had Graves’s disease in 2008. But she revealed that in 2011 to the public.

She started taking medications under the doctor’s advice. There were symptoms that included mood swings, hair loss, dizzy spells, fast heart rate, and lumps in her throat.

She often dealt with these symptoms. After having treatment for the disease, she started working on her weight.

Missy made some changes in her diet and planned a workout. She only drank water for four months and cut out bread. This is the hardest thing for her but she didn’t give up.

After 4 months she had noticeable changes in her physique. Missy showed her new physique to the public on different occasions.

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Diet Plan

Elliot’s diet plan was very simple. She cut out junk food from her diet which was her weakness. Missy only allows herself to have two cupcakes a month if earned. It is very important to have a cheat day or you can call it a treat day.

A treat day in a month or in a week can help a lot to stick with your diet and workout. If you don’t have a treat day then you may find it difficult to stick with your routine for a long time.

You will lose motivation after a week or a month. If you or someone you know is trying to lose weight then make sure to have a treat day once a week or month.

Workout Plan

Missy Elliot followed Shaun Fitness T25 videos to do the workout. She did an intense workout and that truly helped her a lot.

Doing a workout daily consistently can help a lot. You will not see any changes in the week after doing an intense workout.

Changes will appear after months. Missy was consistent with her routine after she was treated for the disease. She continued to go to the gym and have a healthy meal throughout the day.

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Before & After

Missy Elliot before After

There were some rumors circulating that Missy Elliott had lost a whopping 70 pounds, but that turned out to be untrue.

She set the record straight with a tweet, saying, “I didn’t lose 70 pounds and wrote: ‘I lost 30 eating healthy/worked out to @shauntfitness T25 videos.'”

After shedding those 30 pounds, she felt more energetic than ever. Her lifestyle became happier and healthier.

During one of her speeches to graduating Berklee students, she shared some valuable wisdom, saying, “As long as you are breathing, it is never too late. People may tell you that you’re too old or that it’ll never work. Remember, you’ve come too far to quit.”

Final Words

Missy Elliot is really a motivating person. She inspires a lot of people to continue on their journey. After suffering from many difficult things, Now she has a very successful lifestyle.

Her hardworking days really paid off. If you are struggling to lose weight then remember Missy Elliot’s quote “You have come too far to quit”.