Saoirse Ronan Before & After Saoirse Ronan Before & After

Saoirse Ronan Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Workout, Before & After

Ronan is one of the budding young stars in Hollywood who has left a mark with her exceptional performances. She’s taken on various roles and flawlessly portrayed every character she’s tackled. However, her real challenge arrived when she was cast in the film “Brooklyn,” directed by John Crowley.

In this movie, Ronan was entrusted with the lead role, that of Eilis Lacey, a young Irishwoman. What made this role particularly intriguing was the twist – Saoirse had to put on some extra weight to authentically portray Eilis, staying true to the appearance described in Colm Toibin’s novel.

Now, this situation might have made many young actresses nervous or feeling pressured, but Ronan’s attitude was refreshingly different. She appeared remarkably composed and confident throughout the entire filming process.

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Saoirse about ‘Brooklyn’

Saoirse Ronan Weight Loss Journey

Ronan said about Brooklyn what no one was expecting. She said that there was not a big deal in playing the role.

She even said that playing Eilis helped her in becoming more of a woman. Saoirse said about the role “I didn’t have to shift much of my weight at all. But as someone who is coming into womanhood. It was encouraging to wear clothes that just encouraged you to have the figure you have and not fight it.”

Saoirse said, “I felt more like a woman in those clothes than I’ve ever felt.

Ronan enjoyed the clothes from the 50s as the story took place in the 1950s.

She said that playing Eilis has “boosted” her confidence. And she appreciates the experience.

In one interview, Saoirse defined her experience as “I’ve been lucky. I have never been put in that situation and I have never thought about my body in that way when it comes to working.”

Ronan said, jokingly, “Brooklyn was the first movie that I got to dress like a girl. I think that some people did not even know that I was a girl until I played Eilis.”

The Irish-American actress further said “Because half the time, I was in animal fur, rags or an orange jumpsuit. I really enjoyed the character, it was one of the amazing parts of my life.

Honestly, I don’t want anything where your lungs are shriveled at the end of the day. But being serious, if you really want to change yourself and you are dead serious about it, then it’s a great thing to experiment with different fashion.

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Saoirse was afraid of Brooklyn is one way

Although, Ronan was completely comfortable with the role and the gaining weight. She had a fear in her mind. Fear to not “mess it up”.

Ronan said “I knew it was a big thing. It was the first time I was afraid of a project. I was afraid that I might mess this opportunity up. There was not only my hard work behind my success. My parents and many other people were supporting me all the time. It was a huge responsibility.”

But Ronan did not mess it up. She did a great deal of acting. The movie succeeded. After she was done shooting for Brooklyn, the next task was there for Saoirse. To get back in her previous shape.

So she started working towards it. And lost the weight she gained from the movie. Saoirse had to gain 10 pounds to play Eilis.

Saoirse’s Weight Loss after Brooklyn

When Ronan was done with Brooklyn she started paying attention to her appearance. The actress started her weight loss journey and got back to her normal and healthy appearance.

The main question that circulated on social media was how Saoirse did that.

Here is how.

Diet Plan

Ronan followed a simple diet plan. Her diet plan included avoiding unhealthy stuff. When the actress was cast in the movie she had to gain weight by eating food like burgers, fries, and pizza.

However, as soon as Saoirse was done with Brooklyn she got rid of such food and came back to her normal life. She would eat homemade healthy food. For some time Saoirse also limited the consumption of meat.

Eating homemade food boosted her health and helped her body to get back to its natural position. The Irish-American actress ate homemade salad. She would eat green vegetable salad.

Workout Plan

However, maintaining only her diet plan was not enough, Ronan also took the help of some cardio workouts.

Saoirse joined a gym where she still goes. Saoirse does multiple workouts in the gym. That includes Cardio, seated shoulder presses, bicep curls, jump squats, mountain climbers, upper body crunches, plank, and a lot of other healthy workouts.

This workout helps Ronan burn calories. On weekends Saoirse takes off from the gym but she does not stop doing healthy exercise. On Sundays, Saoirse goes cycling.

Ronan also practices yoga at home. The ancient practice helps Saoirse in achieving inner peace.

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Before and After weight loss

Saoirse Ronan Before & After

You can easily spot the striking transformation when you take a look at her photos. Before she embarked on her journey to shed some pounds, her weight was at a steady 131 pounds.

Fast forward to today, and Saoirse’s current weight hovers around 120 pounds (55 kg). It’s remarkable to note that she has successfully maintained this weight since 2015, showcasing her commitment to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

This change not only reflects in her appearance but also speaks to her dedication to overall well-being.

Saoirse Ronan’s Journey

Ronan was born on 12th April 1994. She was born in New York City. Just like in the movie, Brooklyn, her parents moved from Dublin to New York.

She started her acting career in 2003 but the breakthrough came in 2007. When she was cast for Joe Wright’s movie Atonement.

Saoirse explained the experience as “Unbelievable”. She said “I could not realize that I was cast for Joe Wright’s movie. It took some minutes to process the news.” At the time her age was 13 years.


Saoirse is a very confident person. She knows how to deal with the pressure. Where many women would feel uncomfortable even talking about their weight, Ronan agreed to gain weight just because she could learn a new thing.

She is a very good example of a responsible person. She knew what she had to do and did it in a very efficient way.

The example, Ronan portrays cannot only help young but also people of every age. Do you think your work is a burden? Learn to enjoy it. Just like Saoirse.