Akbar V Weight Loss [Updated]: Surgeries, Before & After Journey

Famous actress Akbar V from ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ has gone through an incredible weight loss journey. She also shared her weight loss journey on social media with her fans.

Akbar V is very transparent about her journey. She shared all the difficulties she had gone through and the results, she enjoyed after those difficult periods. 

Let’s discuss the Queen of Atlanta weight loss journey. 

Weight Loss Journey

Akbar V Weight Loss weight loss journey

Akbar V’s living a happy life and doing a lot of great things. But at some point, she didn’t feel right about her health.

She wanted to improve her health and to get some new opportunities in life. Akbar did her research on how to lose weight. After discussing it with a lot of her friends she decides to have gastric sleeve surgery. 

Akbar was a little bit afraid of having surgery. But she choose an expert doctor which was recommended by a lot of her friends. Then she scheduled the day with her doctor and discussed the surgery process.  

How did Akbar V lose weight?

Akbar V before Weight Loss 3

After doing a lot of research She was finally ready for the gastric sleeve surgery. In gastric sleeve surgery, they cut down some parts of your stomach and it will make you less hungry.

After having a smaller stomach eating habits also change. So now she was eating less food than before and because of this, she lost a lot of weight. 

Diet Plan

Akbar V didn’t talk about her diet plan publicly. She followed a diet that was planned by her doctors. And that helps her to boost the recovery process. Currently, she is not following any diet plan. She is just focusing on not eating any fast food and soda drinks a lot.  

Workout Plan

After her surgeries, it was very difficult for her to move around effectively. She didn’t try any kind of workout at that time. But she was just walking around slowly sometimes to keep her body healthy and running. 

Did Akbar have a tummy tuck?

Akbar V before Weight Loss

Yes, After her gastric sleeve surgery, she had two more surgery to fully recovered. So she had a tummy tuck and she said there was a lot of pain in aftercare.

Akbar was taking a lot of painkillers and medicine which was recommended by the doctors to recover fully. 

Before and After Weight Loss

Akbar V before and after Weight Loss

Before starting her weight loss journey her weight was 297 pounds and after going through the processes now her weight is 191 pounds. Akbar lost 106 pounds of weight. 

What is Akbar v Real Name?

Akbar V after Weight Loss

Akbar V’s real name is Valerie Raven. But many people don’t know her real name and she got famous for her Akbar V name.

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How are Kandi and Akbar v related?

Yeah, Kandi is a cousin of Akbar. Kandi does help her whenever she needs it. 

Final Words

Akbar V after Weight Loss 4

Akbar V’s weight loss journey had to go through a difficult process and she was completely transparent about it.

There are many other celebrities who also share their weight loss stories to inspire more people to take action, such as Niecy Nash and Wynonna Judd.

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