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Sean Murray Weight Loss [2024]: Diet, Workout, Before & After

Special Agent Sean Murray, a well-known figure in Hollywood renowned for his acting prowess. Despite his professional success, Sean had a complex relationship with his own body for a long time.

Throughout most of his life, Sean grappled with weight-related challenges. In his earlier role in “Hocus Pocus,” where he received a Young Artist Award nomination, he appeared a bit chubby. But what’s truly astonishing is the transformation of this handsome actor over time.

Sean had always wanted to shed some pounds but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. It wasn’t until he landed a role in the famous CBS series “NCIS” that he made a personal commitment to improve his appearance.

He once shared, “You can actually see me gradually lose weight over the 24 episodes of Season 7. Slowly, a pound every week or two. Just watch the DVDs.” In 2003, Sean Murray embarked on a journey to lose weight, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to his health.

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Rumors about Murray’s Health

In 2010, when after a considerable time Murray appeared on the red carpet, the transformation he went through was so apparent.

He seemed a lot slimmer than before. When fans saw Sean in this way they started asking dozens of questions. Soon a rumor about Murray’s health spread like wildfire. The rumor was that Murray was so ill that he was going to die.

When the rumors reached Sean, he was so shocked. The NCIS star tweeted “To those who have asked what I did to lose 25 lbs: 14 months of no alcohol and almost no sugar. Ate strictly organic.” This tweet was like rain to the wildfire of rumors.

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Sean’s habit of smoking

Although Sean took much care of his health in other aspects. But he could not get rid of smoking. He liked smoking and would do it multiple times a day. But as it appears Murray is a responsible person.

When he realized that his bad habits were making trouble for him. He gave up on them. Sean’s sister, Hailey, tweeted about her brother that he has “quit smoking”. As it is apparent from his tweet, Murray was also a fan of Alcohol. He also gave up alcohol in order to live a healthy and lighter life.

How Murray lose weight?

Murray’s method is simple. He avoided what was harmful to him and ate only healthy food. The actor did also a physical workout to burn calories.

Murray said “I avoided that food as much as possible that was contributing to my weight. My goal was to lose weight and not to gain, so I had to give up on all unhealthy stuff.” Here are Murray’s diet and workout plans:

Diet Plan

The first and foremost step Sean took was giving up alcohol. This choice contributed a lot to his weight loss. Alcohol can be fun when meeting your old friends after some years or enjoying yourself with your spouse.

But the frequent intake of Alcohol doesn’t do any good to your health. Rather it deprives your body of all energy that is needed in order to do your work.

At first, consuming Alcohol seems energetic and you want to consume more of it, but as time passes you will feel the energy getting low. It also lowers your mood and productivity.

By drinking Alcohol Murray was getting four times more calories than you would get from your daily routine of meals. Drinking only two cans of beer each day equals eating an extra 8100 kilojoules per week.

While there are many disadvantages to drinking alcohol there are a lot of advantages to avoiding it. When you will avoid consuming alcohol, you will start to feel more comfortable. Your skin will also improve. By avoiding Alcohol, Murray took all these advantages.

Sean also avoided sugar. He stopped consuming products that included sugar. Sugar is like fuel for obesity.

Not only it contributes to weight but it also possesses several other harms to your health. The most notorious ones are heart disease and high blood pressure.

For one and half a years, Sean avoided consuming sugar at all. And after a considerable period of time, he started consuming Sugar in a very little amount.

Murray also got rid of all kinds of processed food. He consumed organic food. Organic food is agricultural products raised in a natural way without the use of any artificial elements.

It also includes animals that are raised in a natural way with organic feed. As the population of the world increased so did the consumption of food.

So, people invented new ways of producing food (vegetables, fruits, and livestock) in so little time. This way of production is very harmful to our health. To avoid this harm we should focus on organic food.

With this healthy diet, the results Murray got for himself were inevitable. The special agent, Timothy McGee lost 25 pounds within the short period of 14 months.

Workout Plan

Compared to his diet, Sean did not take workouts so seriously. As you can imagine being an actor Murray had very little time for such activities.

Murray started doing workouts in his home. Running in the morning was in his daily schedule. Except that Sean did cycling and swimming to lose pounds. He also practiced yoga at home.

Before & After Weight Loss

Sean Murray Before After

Sean has made some impressive changes to his weight, dropping 25 pounds to reach his current weight of 168 lbs. In the second photograph, you can see that he appears thinner and even more handsome.

However, things have evolved for Murray since then. Sean has actually put on some weight and now looks heavier than before, but in a positive and healthy way.

Where is Murray now?

He is back in the show. Murray seems much more comfortable with his new self. As he said, “It feels good to be healthy.”


There are plenty of things to be learned from Sean. The most important one is Patience. Most of us want to change things quickly. We want fast results. But it doesn’t work this way.

Murray gave up on alcohol and sugar for 14 months. This is what made a difference. If you want to lose weight you must learn to be patient. This process is very interesting.

At first, it would seem like nothing is happening but after a considerable amount of time, you would feel some drastic changes.

Sean lost weight because of his determination and of his hard work. I hope that Murray’s story helps you in determining what is better for you and what is not.