Nicole Byer before weight loss Nicole Byer before weight loss

Nicole Byer Weight Loss Journey [2024]

Byer is an American actress, comedian, TV personality, and podcaster. She is better known for being the host of the Netflix reality comedy show, Nailed It!, for which, Nicole was nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards two times. She is the host of the Team Coco podcast, Why Won’t You Date Me?

Although there is always something about Byer that her fans are talking about on the internet, recently she became a topic of discussion for totally another reason. Whenever the new season of Nailed It releases, Nicole’s fans come together to discuss her weight loss.

Fans were excited about Byer’s weight loss this time as well, however, she hasn’t lost any weight. Nicole is proud and happy in the shape she is right now.

When she was asked about losing weight, again and again, Byer got tired and gave a final statement.

Nicole’s Response to Fans Questions

Nicole Byer before weight loss

While discussing her weight and rumors about it, Byer said on her podcast, “Nah, same weight. I’m a big bit*h. I did switch up wigs.“ Nicole added, “I cannot stop thinking about how I’ve thought I was 5’7” my whole life. Passionately and proudly 5’7” a loving 5’7” a towering 5’7” sometimes 5’8” if I felt stretchy. Turns the f*ck out I’m only 5’5” is this a Napoleon complex? Am I Napoleon?“.

Nicole hasn’t reduced her weight, and she isn’t planning to either. She’s content and satisfied with her present size. When it comes to losing weight, Nicole strongly supports body positivity.

She stands up against those who criticize or make fun of others based on their bodies. It’s great how she encourages kindness and acceptance!

Nicole’s Take On Body Positivity

“Body positivity, to me, means you accept the body that you’re in,” Byer said while talking to Brit+Co, “And if you want to change it, you can, but you should love the skin that you’re in currently, forever. Because everyone is beautiful. No one’s truly ugly. You’re always beautiful to somebody, and you’re always ugly to somebody.”

Nicole’s Diet Plan

Nicole loves food, and that’s why she’s the host of a cool cooking show on Netflix called Nailed It. Her name is Nicole Byer.

Every day, Nicole begins her morning with delicious choices like bacon, eggs, or toast. When it’s time for lunch, she enjoys eating fried salmon and a tasty Caesar salad. It’s awesome how much she enjoys food and sharing it with everyone on her show!

And for dinner, she chooses spaghetti, chicken sandwich, or cheese fries. In one of her podcasts, Nicole admitted her love for pizza by saying, “Whenever it comes to pizza, I can’t say no to it. I simply can’t.”

Body Measurements

Nicole Byer weight loss

Nicole stands tall at a height of 1.7 meters, which is equivalent to around 5 feet and 5 inches.

That’s about the height of a lot of basketball players you might see on TV! When it comes to her weight, Nicole weighs 189 pounds, which is roughly the same as carrying around a couple of heavy suitcases. It’s interesting to know these details about her physical characteristics!

Final Words

As Byer made it clear she is not against losing weight but against body-shaming. Body shaming not only hurts other people it also makes them less confident in themselves. So, it doesn’t matter what others say about you as long as you are happy with your position.

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