Matthew Hagee Weight Loss: How did the Pastor shed pounds?

Matthew is the son of the American pastor, and televangelist, John Hagee. Matthew, himself, has followed his father’s path and is also a pastor. He is the lead pastor of 22,000 members of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas. 

Hagee is also the author of various books such as Response-Able, Shattered, and Shaken. Recently Pastor Matt became the topic of discussion for completely another reason. As it appears, Hagee has lost a significant amount of weight. 

Matthew Hagee weight loss

This noticeable change in Matthew’s appearance had his followers concerned about his health. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about and Hagee is totally fine and is in good health. He lost weight intentionally because he wanted to “reduce the burden and be close to God.” So, how did Hagee lose weight? Let’s find out:

Matthew Hagee’s Weight Loss Journey

Hagee wants to keep most of his personal life to himself and that’s why there is not much information available about his weight loss journey. However, what is known will be shared with you. Hagee lost weight by adopting a gluten-free diet.

He not only avoided the food that had gluten in it but also the food that contained processed sugar. He also started going for long walks in the morning and the evening which in his own words, “connected me to God”

Hagee also encourages his followers to keep balance in their lives. He tells them not to fall for the things of the material world but rather to strive for the love of God.

Before & After Weight Loss

Matthew Hagee before after weight loss

After maintaining discipline and changing his diet, Hagee lost more than 20 pounds. His current weight is around 140 pounds. Whereas in the past, he weighed 164 pounds.

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Final Words

Pastor Matthew is a very good example for his followers and believers. He guides them not only about religious matters but also helps them in coping with the problems that life throws at us. Hagee’s losing weight has also motivated a lot of his followers in joining his path.

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