Jason Lee Weight Loss [2023], Diet, Workout, Before and After

Jason Lee is an American media personality, gossip blogger, and brand ambassador. Lee rose to fame after he appeared in season 2 of Love & Hip Hop.

Even though he was cast in a supporting role, his amazing performance at the show earned Jason thousands of fans.

During the lockdown, Lee didn’t come on the screen more often. However, whenever he came, fans were quick to notice some changes in his physique.

It was apparent that Jason was undergoing some kind of weight loss procedure.

At the end of the lockdown, Lee was almost unrecognizable as he had shed so many pounds.

Talking to Fox News, Lee said that he has lost 87 pounds. This shocked his fans and they stormed his social media accounts, asking why and how did he do that.

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Why did Jason Lose Weight?

Jason Lee weight loss

Jason lost weight because his increasing weight was causing some serious health issues. His being overweight became the cause of his diabetes.

Even though Lee had had a lot of troubles regarding his weight throughout his life, it was causing even more problems and was increasing rapidly as Lee now had a very busy schedule.

Lee knew that he had to take a break and lose some weight. But his busy schedule wasn’t affording him that.

However, it all changed when Covid-19 hit the world. As most of the activities were shut down, Lee now had plenty of time to work on his health.

Lee said about his weight loss, “I was trying to love myself for a long time. There were a lot of things that were not going well in my life including my health and I wanted to correct them. However, the only obstacle was time. I didn’t have enough of that. But as soon as Covid happened and we got trapped in our homes, I knew this was the time.”

He continued, “I started working on my health. I did a lot of work and lost weight. I have lost 87 pounds so far.”

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How did Jason Lose Weight?

I know as you got the answer to your first question, the second question in your mind must be how.

Well, he applied quite a healthy and systematic way to lose weight. At his heaviest, Lee weighed around 322 pounds

He was often advised to undergo weight loss surgery, however, Jason never took this advice seriously.

Here is what he said about it. “For me, surgery was never a thing that was going to cure my overweight.”

He added, “It was more of a mental thing. I gave myself a year. I promised myself that I was going to work out, eat better, and stop drinking. And I did all of that. But still, I couldn’t lose weight. I had a lot of health issues. I was diabetic. I had sleep apnea and I was at my highest weight ever, 322 pounds.”

So, all in all, it was a pretty bad situation and it was necessary to take things into control.

Undergoing weight loss surgery was the last option for Lee and he opted for it. He undergo gastric bypass surgery and ended up losing 50 pounds

After surgery, Jason kept on living a healthy life and avoided all kinds of unhealthy food, and exercised a lot.

By living this way, he successfully lost more than 30 pounds. Here are Jason’s diet and workout plans in detail:

Jason’s Diet Plan

After the surgery, Lee changed his diet completely. Whereas before he was in love with fast food and alcohol, now he abstained from it.

Lee gave up every kind of unhealthy food. He substituted it with a more healthy and greener diet.

Talking about his new diet, Jason said,  “I knew that I had to do something. So, I embarked on my weight loss journey. I cut out red meat, I cut out chicken, and dairy products. I cut out sugar. I cut out all the carbs that aren’t good for you like rice and potatoes.”

Jason further said, “And I started just increasing fruits and vegetables in my meals. Smoothies, fruits, vegetables, soft foods, and a lot of water. No alcohol, no soda, no fast food, no processed food.”

This diet changed Lee completely. His energy level got boosted and he felt totally different than before.

This had a very big impact on Lee he promised himself to continue living in this healthy way. He still follows this healthy diet plan and keeps away from all kinds of unhealthy food.

Jason’s Workout Plan

As much as he worked on his diet plan, Jason gave equal importance to his workout plan.

He knew that it is almost useless to limit your calorie consumption if you don’t have a proper workout plan sorted out. So, keeping this in mind he started working out.

As almost all gyms were closed during the pandemic, Lee worked out on his lawn. He would lift weights, do push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, and run.

Lee also brought a treadmill so running long distances also became possible.

As soon as the lockdown ended, Lee joined a gym. He still follows the same workout routine but with more efficiency since he has all the tools that working out requires. 

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Before & After Weight Loss

Jason Lee before after weight loss

Before undergoing gastric bypass surgery, Jason Lee weighed around 322 pounds.

However, after putting in all those efforts, he succeeded in losing 87 pounds, as his after photo tells. Jason’s current weight is 235 pounds.

Jason’s Advice to His Fans

Talking about his experience with losing weight during the pandemic, Lee said, “I know a lot of people were afraid, and rightfully so. But I think that we gotta appreciate things that we don’t on normal days.” 

He further said, “Don’t be afraid of living a healthy life. I know some of you might be struggling with your weight right now. I will say only this: never give up. Keep working and one day you’ll be thanking yourself for not giving up.”

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Final Words

There is no doubt that Lee’s weight loss story is quite inspirational. And anyone, who is facing the problem of being overweight, can not only get inspiration but can also get a whole weight loss plan to live a healthy life.

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