Traci Braxton Weight Loss 2022: Death Cause

Traci was an American TV personality, radio personality, and reality TV star. She started her acting career by appearing in the WE TV’s reality show, Braxton Family Values, which proved to be her breakthrough. Besides that, she also appeared in the sequel, Braxton Reunion.

Braxton died on 12 March 2022. She had been struggling with esophageal cancer for more than a year, which caused her death. Today, Braxton isn’t among us physically but she will always be remembered through her acting and personality.

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Traci’s Weight Loss

Traci Braxton weight loss

While Braxton was struggling with esophageal cancer, she was facing a lot of problems. She felt weak and dizzy. She approached the doctor and was diagnosed with cancer. Now, the biggest symptom of esophageal cancer is losing weight.

While fighting cancer, Braxton lost more than 60 pounds. Most of her fans, who didn’t know what was going on at the time, got shocked by this huge weight loss and stormed social media asking questions. The situation worried them.

Traci Braxton before after weight loss

Traci’s Death

Right after the year of being diagnosed, Traci died and parted with her fans. Her death was a very big shock not only to her fans but to the whole entertainment industry. Through her music and acting, Traci will always be remembered.

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