Traci Braxton before after weight loss Traci Braxton before after weight loss

Traci Braxton Weight Loss Journey – [2024]

Traci was a famous American TV and radio personality who also became known as a reality TV star. She first stepped into the world of acting through a reality show called “Braxton Family Values,” aired on WE TV.

This show marked a turning point in her career and helped her gain recognition. She also made appearances in its follow-up, “Braxton Reunion.”

Sadly, on March 12, 2022, Braxton passed away. She had been fighting against esophageal cancer for over a year, which ultimately led to her passing.

Even though she’s no longer with us in person, Braxton’s memory will live on because of her talents and the way she connected with people through her acting and her unique personality.

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Traci’s Weight Loss

Traci Braxton weight loss

When Braxton was battling esophageal cancer, she had to deal with many difficult challenges.

She often felt weak and dizzy, which made her concerned about her health. Seeking answers, she went to see a doctor and received the diagnosis of cancer. One of the major signs of esophageal cancer is significant weight loss.

During her fight against cancer, Braxton’s weight dropped by more than 60 pounds. This noticeable change surprised her fans, especially those who weren’t aware of her health struggles.

They expressed their shock and concerns on social media, asking many questions about what was happening to her. This situation left them worried and wanting to know more.

Traci Braxton before after weight loss

Traci’s Death

Only a year had passed since Traci received her diagnosis when she tragically left us, leaving her fans heartbroken. The news of her passing sent shockwaves not just among her dedicated supporters, but throughout the entire entertainment industry.

Her presence had touched so many lives, making her sudden absence all the more difficult to accept.

Traci had a special way of connecting with people through her music and acting. Her talents and charisma had earned her a special place in the hearts of many.

Even though she’s no longer here with us, the impact she made during her time continues to resonate. Every time we listen to her music or watch her performances, we remember the joy and inspiration she brought to our lives.

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