Angel Strawbridge before and after weight loss Angel Strawbridge before and after weight loss

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After

Angel is an English TV personality, author, internet influencer, designer, producer, and entrepreneur.

She is the wife of the famous British TV personality and former army officer, Dick Strawbridge. Angle became popular after she and her husband bought Château de la Motte-Husson, a Neo-Renaissance-style chateau.

Apart from that, Strawbridge is also famous for conducting tea parties. For the last couple of years, there has been another reason behind the rise in Strawbridge’s popularity.

Slowly and gradually, Angel has lost more than 15 kgs (33 pounds), which has made her the topic of headlines once again.

As Angel shared her new photos with her new physique, her fans were shocked. They wanted to know what had happened.

However, after examining her lifestyle, it is quite apparent now that Strawbridge was following a healthier lifestyle to get lighter.

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Angel Strawbridge’s Weight Loss Journey

Angel Strawbridge weight loss

After the new photos of Angel started circulating on the internet, it left fans in awe and wonder.

So, how did the owner of the 19th-century chateau lose weight? Well, by eating healthy food and doing a lot of exercise. She took the help of her husband, Dick, along the journey.

Angel’s Diet Plan

The first and foremost thing Strawbridge did to lose weight was limit her sugar consumption.

She gave up every kind of processed food and substituted it with homemade healthy and fresh food. Strawbridge made a bowl of salad a must for her lunch and dinner. 

Along with the salad, Strawbridge also drank a glass of fresh fruit juice at every meal. Well, the salad wasn’t the only food that Angel ate.

She also had chicken or fish some days. By maintaining her diet plan and eating only healthy food, Angel succeeded in losing weight.

Angel’s Workout Plan

Maintaining a diet is not the only thing that is required to lose weight. A workout routine is crucial as well. And Strawbridge knew it perfectly.

That is why she hit the gym on a daily basis. Angel did a lot of cardio workouts. She also did swimming and cycled occasionally.

Before & After Weight Loss

Angel Strawbridge before and after weight loss

Angel Strawbridge managed to lose 15 kilograms by carefully watching what she ate and hitting the gym regularly.

Now, she weighs 65 kilograms, which is about 143 pounds. But, in the past, her weight used to be around 80 kilograms, which is equivalent to 176 pounds.

That’s quite an impressive accomplishment! She achieved this by eating healthy and exercising, and it’s a great example of how dedication and hard work can lead to positive changes in our lives.

Final Words

This was all the known information about Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss journey. By maintaining her health and living a healthy life, Angel has set a good example for the aspirants to live healthily.

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