Erika Thomas Weight Loss 2022: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Erika Thomas is an American Journalist. She was born in Midwesterners, USA. Erika graduated from the University of Missouri. She graduated with two degrees in Journalism and Economics. As of now, Thomas is working for KFSM 5NEWS

With her unique and friendly way of reporting, Thomas quickly won thousands of hearts. She loves her fans so much and that is why she keeps them updated about her daily life through her Facebook page.

Recently, Erika posted a photo of herself with the caption “Looking forward to losing weight. New goal updated”. This shocked and excited her fans. And after one month, Thomas posted on her Facebook saying, “13 POUNDS lost”.

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How did Erika Thomas Lose Weight?

Erika Thomas weight loss

When Erika shared her weight loss, her comment section was full of congrats and questions about how did she do that. Almost everyone was asking for advice. Well, Erika replied to everyone with little hints. One of her fans asked, “Share your secret, please. I am having a lot of a hard time.” In reply to that, Thomas wrote, “Portion control and exercise”.

But what is the whole story behind Erika’s weight loss? Well, here we are to tell you that. She followed a well-planned diet plan every day. Along with maintaining a diet, Thomas also did different exercises. 

The most helpful factors in Erika’s weight loss were her determination and consistency. She has a very strong power of will. And if you possess a strong power of will nothing can stop you. Here are the details about her diet and workout plans;

Erika’s Diet Plan

As mentioned before, Erika has a well-planned diet plan that she follows on a daily basis. She doesn’t leave one day out. For breakfast, Thomas has her own special smoothie with the name “Break-My-Fast Smoothie”. Here is the recipe for her special smoothie:

  • 1) 2 frozen bananas,
  • 2) 1 cup of frozen spinach,
  • 3) 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk,
  • 4) 1 cup frozen fruit of choice,
  • 5) 1 scoop vanilla Body Fortress whey protein powder,
  • 6) 1 tbsp of cinnamon powder, and
  • 7) 2 cups of nonfat plain Greek yogurt.

Blend up and then freeze it for some time depending upon how much thicker you would like it. This smoothie only contains 385 calories. So, it is quite safe to substitute it with tea or coffee. For lunch and dinner, Thomas likes to have either salad with chicken breasts or salad with fried salmon.

She eats 1500 calories a day. In this way, Thomas succeeded not only in losing weight but also in maintaining it. 

Erika’s Workout Plan

Of course, it is not a complete weight loss routine until it has a workout plan. Erika knows it perfectly. That is why she has made exercising a part of her daily routine. She wakes up at 6 in the morning and then goes for a long run. 

After eating breakfast, Thomas heads to the gym, where she does a cardio workout for half an hour. It includes cycling, weight lifting, push-ups, pull-ups, and squats. She also practices yoga and meditations for half an hour to achieve peace of mind.

Before & After Weight Loss

Erika Thomas before after weight loss

You can notice the difference between Thomas’ before and after photos. Until now, she has lost more than 20 pounds. Erika’s current weight is between 125 to 130 pounds. A big difference compared to her old weight of 150 pounds.

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Final Words

From her busy schedule of daily life, Thomas has found time for her health. Our health is very important. Remember the saying Health is Wealth that we all learned in school? Well, it was true. If you are also struggling with obesity, know that it is not impossible to get rid of extra weight. You can do this if you show determination as Erika did. You’ve got this.

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