Tucker Carlson Weight Loss 2022: Diet, Workout, Before and After

Being a TV host for a news channel isn’t easy. There are a lot of things going on. Carlson, being a TV host and political commentator on Fox News, knows perfectly what I am talking about. The host of Tucker Carlson Tonight’s talk show has always proved himself to be right to the date. 

Especially during the 2020’s presidential election, Carlson’s work mounted up. He became very busy. Carlson had to attend meetings one after another. Being a talk show host means you’ve got to gather exact information as the presidential candidate has to.

Now, this, of course, is tiresome work. But something surprising and very good happened during that time. Carlson, who was struggling with obesity before the elections, lost a tremendous amount of weight. It left almost everyone in shock. When the stress was on top and he didn’t have time for such adventures, how did he achieve that position?

Everyone was asking: How can Tucker lose weight while being so busy? Yes, it’s quite surprising. However, if we analyze Tucker’s approach, it happens to be a very simple science. Carlson lost weight by using the load of work during elections. 

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We will discuss Carlson’s weight loss journey in detail but before that let’s see the main reasons behind his immense weight gain.

How did Tucker Gain Weight?

Tucker Carlson weight loss journey

In his interview with Men’s Journal, Tucker said, “As a kid, I played every sport. I was skinny. That changed in college”. As Carlson joined college, he fall into a pit. A pit of food addiction. He was fallen into the “deadly combination of pizza and beer” [1]. 

He also started working as a bartender where he would have to wake up late at night. In this way, Tucker’s old healthy routine got disturbed and in place of it, new unhealthy habits were born. Because of his unhealthy routine, he was struggling with being overweight by 2012.

To conclude with Carlson’s words, “My weight became a constant battle, and I’ve been on a roller coaster ever since”.

Tucker Carlson’s Weight Loss Journey

After struggling with increasing weight for quite a bit, Carlson started trying different techniques to lose weight. In order to lose weight, Tucker tried “weight watchers, that cleanse with the cayenne pepper, the cookie diet” but nothing seemed to work out.

Then, he tried something totally different. He came to a realization. Tucker’s weight loss journey was quite strange as compared to others. He embarks on the journey to lose weight after every four years. That is at every presidential election. This may sound strange but it did work out in the end.

In his interview, Carlson described his weight loss journey as, “The chaos helps me focus. Nonstop meetings with reporters and lawmakers, and digging out new stories. That’s the time, I need to stress relief more than ever”.

He continued, “But instead of a bar with bad food and alcohol, I choose to exercise”. While being totally busy with his work, Carlson cuts down all unhealthy food that might become a reason for his weight gain. In place of it, he starts having healthy food such as green salad and food that has fewer calories.

As Tucker said, his main relief during these days is in exercising. Where he leaves all stress of the office and tries to have a nice and healthy time. Following are the details:

Tucker’s Diet Plan

In order to stay healthy and lose weight, Carlson tries to have as few calories as possible. He cuts down the carbs and sugar consumption. In order to avoid sugar, Carlson stays away from coffee and alcohol.

These days, Tucker’s dining table is full of healthy food like salad and sushi. Here’s how Tucker describes his good day, “a run in the morning, then some eggs to start my day, a protein shake at lunch, and then dinner of salad with fish or chicken and no alcohol”.

Tucker’s Workout Plan

Tucker also joined a gym which he would visit on daily basis. He would do weight lifting, pushups, sit-ups, and cycling for almost an hour. In this way, Carlson would burn about 500 calories on daily basis.

After this healthy and full of the hard work session, Tucker would then get busy with his work. He didn’t take any pressure and kept it quite easy.

Tucker Takes Long Walks along with his Wife

Tucker told the interviewer, “Every Sunday we hire a babysitter and walk along the Potomac to catch up. Sometimes, we’ll go eight miles”. 

Before & After Weight Loss

Tucker Carlson before after weight loss

Tucker’s current weight is 165 lbs after losing 30 lbs as compared to his old weight, 195 lbs. Quite a progress, isn’t it?

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Final Words

After reading about Carlson’s weight loss journey, one can easily realize that there is no such thing as an obstacle in the way.

Sure there are some difficulties but those difficulties can never become an obstacle in your way unless you make them so.

There was huge pressure on Tucker during the elections, nevertheless, he managed to use that time in his favour and transformed his appearance for the good of his health. 

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