Tucker Carlson before after weight loss Tucker Carlson before after weight loss

Tucker Carlson Weight Loss [2024] – Before and After

Being a host on a news channel, like being the face of a TV show that talks about important things happening in the world, is a tough job.

Imagine having to juggle a lot of things at once! One person who knows all about this is Carlson. He’s a TV host and talks about politics on Fox News. He’s really good at what he does.

Think about the time when the United States was choosing a new president in the 2020s. That was a big deal, and Carlson had a lot to do. He had to go to many meetings, one after another. Imagine, he had to get information that was exactly right, just like the presidential candidates did.

Now, doing all this can be really tiring. But guess what? Something amazing happened during that time.

Carlson, who used to struggle with being very overweight, actually lost a lot of weight. It surprised a lot of people. I mean, with all the stress and not much time for anything else, how did he manage that?

How did Tucker manage to lose weight when he was so busy? It’s a pretty surprising thing. But you know what? If we look at how Tucker did it, it’s actually a simple idea. He lost weight by using all the busy work he had to do during the elections. It’s like he turned all that work into a way to become healthier.

We will discuss Carlson’s weight loss journey in detail but before that let’s see the main reasons behind his immense weight gain.

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How did Tucker Gain Weight?

Tucker Carlson weight loss journey

In his interview with Men’s Journal, Tucker said, “As a kid, I played every sport. I was skinny. That changed in college”. As Carlson joined college, he fell into a pit. A pit of food addiction. He has fallen into the “deadly combination of pizza and beer” [1]. 

He also started working as a bartender where he would have to wake up late at night. In this way, Tucker’s old healthy routine got disturbed and in place of it, new unhealthy habits were born. Because of his unhealthy routine, he was struggling with being overweight by 2012.

To conclude Carlson’s words, “My weight became a constant battle, and I’ve been on a roller coaster ever since”.

Tucker Carlson’s Weight Loss Journey

Carlson had been struggling with gaining weight for a while. He tried different methods to lose weight, like “Weight Watchers,” a cleanse involving cayenne pepper, and even a diet where he ate cookies. But none of these seemed to make a difference.

Then, he decided to do something really different. He had a realization – his weight loss journey was pretty unique compared to others. He started working on losing weight every four years, right around the time of the presidential elections. It might sound odd, but surprisingly, this approach worked for him.

In an interview, Carlson talked about his weight loss journey. He said, “All the craziness around the elections actually helps me concentrate. I’m in constant meetings with reporters and lawmakers, finding new stories. That’s when I need to relieve stress the most.

He added, “Instead of going to a place with unhealthy food and alcohol, I choose to exercise.” Even though he’s super busy with his work, Carlson cuts out all the junk food that could make him gain weight. Instead, he starts eating healthy stuff like green salads and low-calorie foods.

For Carlson, the best way to handle stress during this time is to exercise. It’s when he can let go of all the work pressure and have a good, healthy time. Here’s what he does:

Tucker’s Diet Plan

In order to stay healthy and lose weight, Carlson tries to have as few calories as possible. He cuts down the carbs and sugar consumption. In order to avoid sugar, Carlson stays away from coffee and alcohol.

These days, Tucker’s dining table is full of healthy food like salad and sushi. Here’s how Tucker describes his good day, “a run in the morning, then some eggs to start my day, a protein shake at lunch, and then dinner of salad with fish or chicken and no alcohol”.

Tucker’s Workout Plan

Tucker also started going to a gym regularly. Every day, he would spend time there doing exercises like lifting weights, doing pushups, sit-ups, and cycling for about an hour. This routine helped him burn around 500 calories every day.

After his sweaty and hard-working session at the gym, Tucker would dive into his work. He didn’t let the pressure get to him and tried to keep things relaxed and easy.

Tucker Takes Long Walks along with his Wife

Tucker told the interviewer, “Every Sunday we hire a babysitter and walk along the Potomac to catch up. Sometimes, we’ll go eight miles”. 

Before & After Weight Loss

Tucker Carlson before after weight loss

Tucker has made some impressive changes in his weight. He used to weigh 195 lbs, but now he weighs 165 lbs. That means he has lost a total of 30 lbs, which is a pretty big achievement! It’s amazing to see how far he’s come on his journey to become healthier.

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Final Words

After reading about Carlson’s weight loss journey, one can easily realize that there is no such thing as an obstacle in the way.

Sure there are some difficulties but those difficulties can never become an obstacle in your way unless you make them so.

There was huge pressure on Tucker during the elections, nevertheless, he managed to use that time in his favour and transformed his appearance for the good of his health. 

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