Spencer Bledsoe Weight Loss 2023: Lost 25 Pounds Trying to Survive

Being a student, Spencer needed income to bear his expenses. He was looking for a quick fix and not for a job that might hinder his career.

CBS’s Survivor show was the perfect place for Bledsoe to find that quick fix. Given the 1 million dollar prize, this was a golden chance for Bledsoe to make it happen.

Spencer also joined the show to have a lifelong experience. However, the problem was that there were other contestants as well that were far more experienced and old in age than Spencer. Bledsoe has participated in two seasons of Survivor. Cagayan and Cambodia.

Spencer Bledsoe weight loss journey

Unfortunately, Spencer didn’t win but he performed very well in both seasons and secured a fine amount of money for his dreams.

As you know that in the Survivor show, people have to survive in distant places of the world. They have to adapt according to the conditions of that place.

Courtney Yates and Denise Martin have also lost a noticeable amount of weight on the show Survivor.

Survivors have to find food, water, and shelter on their own. Now, the wild is a hard place.

So, sometimes contestants find it very hard to find enough resources and have to live without eating for several days and it has certain effects on their health. After all, it’s the art of surviving. Spencer faced the same effects.

Spencer Lost Weight Both Times on Survivor

Aside from the politics, which Spencer had to face during the show, we are going to talk about the facts related to his health.

As mentioned earlier, wild is not a friend to anyone. Either you survive or get eliminated. In this case, you lose money as well as recognition.

Spencer Bledsoe before after weight loss

Bledsoe tried to put up with the show very hard. He faced many challenges related to his health. In the Cagayan season, Bledsoe lost 23 pounds (10 kgs) because of the lack of sleep and food. And in Cambodia, he lost more than 25 pounds

Spencer also applied to play in season 40, however, as the title changed to Winners at War, he had to step down.

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Where is Spencer now?

As of now, Spencer is living with his family and is continuing his studies in Economics. Bledsoe has regained his lost weight.

Being on the show and trying to survive was a very hard experience but Spencer defined it as “worth having”. He defined the experience as a “roller-coaster and some of the best times, I’ve had in my life”.  

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