Callie Russell Weight Loss 2023: Before & After Journey

Callie is a Scavenger-gatherer who lives nomadically. She earned fame with her debut on the History channel’s Alone.

The show is all about survival. In every season, the show has either old survivors (contestants) or sometimes newcomers as well.

The main theme of the show is learning skills about how to survive in the wild. There have been many participants in the show but Callie Russell is one of the most remarkable ones. She is living in wild and is studying human’s place on the web of life since her childhood.

In the show, Alone, each survivor has to live on their own without any other’s help. It includes eating so little and sleeping in the wild without any good shelter. The problem is that such a way of living can have consequences. That’s what Russell felt.

While she was participating in the 7th season of Alone, she lost a remarkable amount of weight. This raised a lot of attention among her fans as well as other participants in the show. At that point, fans were concerned about Callie’s health.

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How did Callie lose weight?

Callie Russell Before after

One thing that should be understood is that the Alone show is based on survival. Contestants have to survive on their own and if they are not feeling well then they can quit and go home. But this surely will disqualify them from the contest.

Now at first, Callie was doing very well. In fact, she was one of the participants who survived till the last days of the show.

Russell said about her being in the wild “I was really calm being in the wilderness. It’s where I most feel at home. It’s my happy place. Calm and peace deepened the longer I was out there.”

But her health was telling another story. After living in the wild for more than a month her health had some negative impacts.

She had to survive on what she could find in the wild. As you can expect there was not much to eat. So, Callie had to manage her hunger and cut her food consumption.

Because of this behavior, she lost a considerable amount of weight. Which was not a good sign. She lost approximately 20 to 30 pounds.

Where is Callie now?

Soon after season 7 ended, Callie returned to her home where she started working on her health. And within a month she was back on the track.

In the meantime, her fans were so much worried about Russell’s health. But soon after she appeared on social media they knew that she has taken care of herself.

Since then, Callie has improved her skills in the wild even further. And now she doesn’t get sick in there.

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