Courtney Yates Before and after Courtney Yates Before and after

Courtney Yates Weight Loss [2024]: Before & After Journey

In this article, we are going to talk about how Courtney, from being a waitress, ended up being a survivor in the hardest survival show of all time, Survivor. And how people started talking about her weight loss.

If you are a fan of the show you must know that in the show a group of castaways has to inhabit an island where they must compete with each other. And the winner will have 1 million dollars.

In 2007, when Courtney first appeared in the show, everyone was thrilled. Yates never seemed a survivor she was so skinny and weak that people were afraid about her health.

Courtney Yates weight loss journey

In Courtney’s own words, “I was working as a waitress and there happened to have someone from CBS. They reached me and they were like, ‘You! You over there! You need to be on Survivor’ I was shocked. I was like, ‘You’re crazy! Get away from me!’ “

Anyway, she signed up for the show. Yates said, “I had never seen it before. But they were very convincing they said ‘You can do it. We believe in you’. And so they made me believe too”. Courtney said laughingly, “I knew it was the hardest thing in my life and I was like to myself ‘I’m going to die. I’m going to die on this show’ I joined it.”

What happened to Courtney on the show?

Courtney, with other contestants, had to live on a Chinese island for 30 days. At first, everything seemed hard to her. “I was very confused. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. It was very tense” But with the passage of time, she learned a lot of things.

Yates was one of the last survivors on the show. When Courtney’s images in a bikini went public viewers were worried about her health. She seemed very weak, skinny, and emaciated. Soon the news spread like fire.

However, there was no threat to Yates’ health. She has always been like this. Nobody thought that Courtney would be able to stay on that island for more than a week. But she stayed there nearly till the end of the show.

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Did Courtney lose weight on Survivor?

Courtney Yates Before and after

We’re not exactly sure if Courtney Yates lost any weight during her time on the show, but it’s important to know that she has always had a naturally slim body. This made some people concerned about her well-being, which is why she felt a bit anxious about being on the show, given her delicate constitution.

However, despite these worries, Courtney managed to perform admirably in the competition. It’s possible that she may have shed a few pounds while enduring the challenges of the island, but that’s nothing to be overly concerned about. The most crucial thing is that Courtney is perfectly healthy and doing just fine!

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Is Courtney Anorexic?

A lot of fans still think that Courtney has Anorexia. It is a kind of eating disorder. Patients avoid eating because of the fear that they might end up being fat. Or it can cause some illness.

As far as Yates is concerned the word “Emaciated” would be more accurate as compared to Anorexic. She doesn’t have an eating disorder though. Yates has always been that way.


Even though at first the show, Survivor, seemed impossible to Courtney. But as she joined it and became a part of it, Yates knew that she could do it.

This is how life is. No matter how big a problem might seem, outside, things will get better if you start solving them.