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Tanya Burr Weight Loss 2024: Diet, Workout, Before & After

The well-known English YouTuber, Tanya Burr, has been making headlines lately due to a recent photo she shared.

Fans couldn’t help but notice a significant transformation in Tanya’s appearance – she shed about 27-30 pounds of weight!

It’s clear that Tanya has undergone a remarkable weight loss journey. Her acting career began in 2017 when she was cast in a short film called “Disconnect,” and it seems she saw an opportunity for positive change in her life.

Tanya achieved her impressive transformation through some unique and positive changes to her body.

How Tanya Burr lost weight?

Tanya Burr Weight Loss Journey

Whenever the words “Weight Loss” are mentioned the first thing that comes into our minds is a strict and green diet, green tea, and of course workout.

But the method Burr chose was totally different. She did not put extra pressure on herself. Tanya loves her life to be easy.

When fans started throwing their questions at Tanya, she said about her diet plan “The most important thing I want to tell is, I have not been on a diet. That’s the biggest thing I want to tell people. I am actually so anti-diets now. And anti-trying to eat perfect and healthily all the time. There is no strict routine with it, there is no ‘I have to do this or ‘I have to do that. This is the way I am.

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Tanya’s Diet

Tanya’s diet is very interesting. She does not limit herself to matters of food. The YouTube star is a fan of traveling.

She mostly travels around Europe and enjoys the culture through food. Burr remains active on her social media accounts.

She keeps sharing her experiences mostly through YouTube and Instagram. Here are some of the snaps she has shared on her Instagram account.

Burr said on her Insta account “My secret is not trying to diet anymore and  so then it’s so much easier and you are not thinking about what to eat.”

You must be asking yourself if Tanya ate all that food then how she succeeded in losing weight. Tanya may be a food lover but she is also a responsible person.

Burr knows that there is ‘nothing in return for nothing’. She limited fast food consumption in order to lose weight.

Tanya started consuming homemade food. But all in all, Burr went easy when choosing what to eat. You won’t find her having a plate of green salad. One of the reasons Burr could not form a proper diet plan was her work.

She said “I guess, in May-June time, I was just so busy and I really was not eating super-duper healthy. I love vegetables and tried to eat them, but because of my work I was eating burgers and chips, whatever.”

Burr did not give much attention to the diet plans but there was one aspect on which Tanya worked a lot. And that one aspect was “Workout”.

Workout Plan

Tanya would take an hour from her busy routine to do the workout. She would do intense workouts in the gym. Weight lifting and boxing helped Burr to shed extra pounds. A morning walk is a part of her daily routine. She also loves boating.

Before & After Weight Loss

Tanya Burr Before After

Tanya Burr’s incredible results are clearly visible in her photos. Before starting her workout journey, she weighed around 150 pounds.

But thanks to her dedicated effort in engaging in regular physical workouts, she managed to trim down her weight to 123 pounds.

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Where is Tanya now?

Tanya is now healthier and slimmer than before. She has shocked many people by sharing her bikini photos. Burr is living a healthy life.


As you can notice the English YouTuber, Tanya Burr, has made a very great difference by doing hard work. Although she did not give much importance to her diet plan but took full care of the workout.

However, it must be noted that the way Tanya chose to lose weight is not ideal. It might have worked for Burr but it might not work for everyone.

Our bodies differ so do our digestive systems. So, if you want to follow Tanya’s weight loss plan think as it might not be really helpful for you. But you can try. Thanks