Aidy Bryant Weight Lose before after Aidy Bryant Weight Lose before after

Aidy Bryant Weight Loss 2024: Before & After Journey

In her early years, Bryant encountered a challenge that many can relate to – a lack of self-esteem. She struggled with her self-image, often feeling inferior to others due to her weight.

However, her journey into acting played a significant role in boosting her confidence. Through her experiences in acting, she came to a valuable realization: fretting about her weight wouldn’t lead to any positive changes, but taking action would. With determination and a unique approach, Bryant embarked on a journey to shed those extra pounds.

Now, let’s delve into the fascinating details of how she achieved her weight loss transformation. It’s a story worth discovering!

Weight Loss Journey

Aidy Bryant after weight loss

You might be amazed by seeing the weight loss journey of the comedian star. She totally transformed herself. But not physically rather much more in a mental way.

At first, before her acting career began, the actress would feel ashamed about her weight and appearance. She would avoid meeting people. And probably as someone can guess, she was a victim of bullies as well. However, acting transformed her completely.

Where she had felt ashamed now she was feeling totally okay, if not proud. Bryant presented her opinion as “There’s an assumption that if you are fat, you’ve given up on yourself. Which is of course very biased.”

The comedy star said further, “It is a descriptor and, like, I am fat. To me, it is like taking the power out of it. It does not have to be so loaded. It is just, it is a fact, and accepting it makes it a lot easier for me.

Bryant has now learned very well to live with her body. She often criticizes the media for presenting fat people as some joke and not giving them much importance.

She went on to criticize mainstream as “I have never seen a fat person’s romantic life treated with any dignity on the screen.

However, she praised the show “Shrill” as “I like that the show has done justice in this context. The episode is about her having sex and it is totally fine because the sex that has been shown is a normal thing. It is normal sex. That is a big part of a person’s relationship to their body and their identity. And the show has done it with some respect”.

Melissa Peterman’s way is not much different from Bryant’s. She has lost 60 pounds within months.

What has she done about her weight?

Most people often ask about, what Bryant is doing in order to lose some pounds. Is she following any diet plan? Is she doing any workouts? Well, the answer to this question cannot be a one-word answer. It seems that Bryant has never been a firm believer in dieting stuff.

Although Bryant has tried several times doing workouts and following a diet. But in her own words, it does not seem to have worked very well. Whether her opinion is right or wrong, we cannot judge it. However, we can discuss it. But after listening to Bryant’s point of view.

What does Bryant say about weight loss?

Aidy Bryant Weight Lose before after

She seemed neutral and did not see any difference between trying and not trying to lose weight. Her remarks suggest what she thinks of it.

Bryant said “I was spending so much energy and time on something that really no matter what I did was not changing. And I got to a point where I just could not take it more it was my breaking point. I was like ‘How much longer can I do this? Can I do this for the rest of my life?”

Bryant further said in her interview with The Cut, “After being totally exhausted I finally begin to think, ‘What if I pull all it out, what if I just stop wasting my energy on stuff that is not changing anything in my life, what if I stop to pretend that everything is going to change, what if I just start focusing on my life instead?’ and believe me I am not joking when I stop pretending someone that was not me, everything did change. I was hired by the city and then by SNL”.

But still, Bryant faced challenges on stage and sometimes she was even cut off just because of her weight.

Bryant followed the approach of an activist for overweight people. You will find Missy Elliot’s Journey of losing 30 pounds equally interesting.

Early Life

Bryant is an American actress and comedian. She was born on 7th May 1987. Bryant was born in Phoenix to Tom Bryant and Georganna. Her birth name is Aidan Mackenzy Bryant.

Bryant’s mother is a fashion designer. She owns a boutique in Phoenix named Frances. Bryant went to Xavier College Preparatory and graduated from there. In 2009, Bryant graduated from Columbia College Chicago. She graduated with a B.A.

The actress had an interest in acting since her childhood. She would play in schools at different festivals.

She also attended workshops at the Jewish Theatre Company in Arizona. Bryant also performed several times in her college. Her love was apparent in acting since she was just a child. And her parents supported her.

Bryant continued performing in different places. Her first appearance was on Saturday Night Live in 2012. 

For her talent and skills, Bryant has been nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards two times. She has appeared in different films with brief roles and in some with main characters.

Her main work includes The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Brother Nature, The Star, and I feel pretty. Bryant has also worked in several TV shows.

However, her main work includes playing brief characters. The comedian has proven herself as a good actress whenever she got a chance to do so.

Bryant married her soul mate in 2018 after being engaged to him for 2 years. Comedian, Conner O’Malley, and Bryant met in 2008 at Annoyance Theatre Chicago. I guess their house has a lot of laughter, as they both are good comedians.


As I said earlier, Bryant did not believe in doing something about her weight. Instead, she followed the approach of chasing her dreams.

We cannot judge her if she is right or wrong. However, we can examine the situation and share our thoughts.

Following a healthy diet and doing some workouts not only gets your extra pounds cut, but it is also a healthy way of living. Bryant still faced many challenges when it comes to things related to weight.

Of course, Bryant was right on the topic of inequalities done to over-weighted people in the world of the stage.

However, we should also take care of our health. Being over-weighted brings many health issues with itself. I hope that after reading Aidy Bryant’s story it is now easy for you to build your opinion. 

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