Amber Rachdi Weight Loss [Updated]: Surgery, Before and After

The watchers of My 600-lb Life have seen a lot of mind-blowing stories. Every year, 8 people, who are struggling with their increasing weight, enroll themselves and, with the duration of the show, try to lose weight. Now, having a weight of 600 lbs is a really hard life.

Among those obesity fighters, was Amber Rachdi. Amber appeared in the 3rd season of the show where she was shown struggling with her ever-growing weight.

Rachdi weighed about 657 lbs and was 23 years old at the time. And wait if this surprises you. Amber had a very bad record regarding her increasing weight.

At the age of 5 years, Rachdi weighed about 160 lbs. The show proved to be a turning point in Amber’s life. Before she appeared in the show, Rachdi, being 23 years old, was living with her parents. She said that she kind of felt a “burden” on her parents. 

Amber described the experience as a “combination of depression and sadness”. Rachdi did have full support from her parents and her boyfriend, nevertheless, she felt an empty slot in her life. Amber had to face a lot of problems in her life. Travelling, shopping, sitting, standing everything was a challenge for her.

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However, by the time the show ended, Rachdi had lost about 257 pounds. So how did this huge transformation occur? Let’s find out.

Amber Rachdi’s Weight Loss Journey

Amber Rachdi weight loss journey

During the show, Amber met Dr. Nowzaradan who helped her a lot in order to lose weight.

Rachdi knew that the only possible solution to start with was undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Nowzaradan, after studying Amber’s record, informed her that she wasn’t ready at the moment to undergo the surgery.

She had to lose some pounds before involving in surgery. Rachdi, after receiving some advice from the doctor, started following a diet plan.

Controlling food consumption was the hardest part for her. But Amber knew that if she wanted to lose weight, which was very necessary given her health conditions, she must know self-discipline.

Amber Rachdi fitness

After receiving the advice, Amber cut down on all unhealthy food consumption such as processed food.

While before Rachdi had an unhealthy habit of binge-eating, now she was being prudent in choosing what to eat. This sudden change in her attitude helped Amber in transforming her appearance.

By being moderate in the choice of eating, Rachdi successfully lost 17 lbs. After losing weight, she consulted with Dr. Nowzaradan who now considered her eligible for undergoing gastric bypass surgery. And this is how Rachdi successfully lost 240 lbs with the help of surgery. 

Amber Rachdi before after weight loss

Where is Amber Now?

Even after the show ended, Rachdi didn’t stop. She continued her weight loss journey. As of now, Amber is a social media model and an influencer.

She keeps sharing her new photos and communicates with her fans through her Instagram account. Where she has more than 200K followers. 

Amber is an inspiration for those who are struggling with obesity and who want to fight their increasing weight. Since the start of My 600-lb Life, she has continued to lose weight and is getting better day by day. 

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Final Words

The journey of thousand miles starts with one step. Rachid’s weight loss story tells us that the only thing you have to do in order to lose weight is to take that first step.

The further journey will unfold in front of you. Indeed, Amber is an inspiration for those who are looking for a positive change in their lives.

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