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Chrissy Metz Weight Loss: [2024] Before and After Journey

The Hollywood actress had been struggling with her weight since childhood. In her own words, Chrissy was “born chubby”. The actress proved her worth in the show “This Is Us”.

But way before that Chrissy Metz went through a lot of changes. And a lot of work. Metz has always been in hot waters for her appearance.

Losing weight is a positive thing but no one should make fun of people in the name of losing weight.

Chrissy knows this lesson very well. That is why she has always been open in expressing her opinions about weight.

Chrissy’s struggle with weight is life-long. As we go along Metz’s story you will find a lot of upheavals.

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, Metz had the serious problem of being heavyweight. The problem with heavyweight is that it can attract many other diseases.

However, Chrissy has always considered her weight seriously even when she was just a child.

When in her interview, with “The Hollywood Reporter”, the interviewer asked Metz about her struggle with weight throughout her life.

The actress said, “My sole problem was that I was definitely a chubbier kid.”

She further told the interviewer “My friends could eat whatever they wanted to, but I knew that as a kid if I ate certain things I would totally gain weight and would be in trouble. Therefore, I had to be very considerate of what I ate.

The struggle during Chrissy’s childhood was real. She even joined multiple weight loss programs to lose weight.

As Metz said, “I remember going to weight watchers when I was like 11”.

She said, “As you can expect I was the youngest person in the damned room. Which was very awkward. But I knew that I was the only person who could change this.”

When Chrissy was 14 years old, her stepfather would make fun of her weight.

The actress said “l realized that my body was a problem for him. He could not help but stare at me whenever I was eating. And he would sometimes say something that would ruin my day. Whenever I was eating he would say ‘get over this damn thing’”. This obviously is not good behavior.

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Chrissy’s Struggle with weight

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Journey

Chrissy Metz loved acting since she was just a child. However, after maturity, she started finding work for herself.

She faced some real challenges. Her weight, once again, became an obstacle for her. Chrissy even had a panic attack on one of her birthdays. The panic attack was due to thinking much about her weight.

This was one of Metz’s life’s most hard times. After this incident, Chrissy started taking her weight seriously and started following a healthy diet.

She said about her diet “After that panic attack I started eating a 2000-calorie diet and I also started walking.

What Is A 2000-Calorie Diet and How Did Chrissy Metz Use it for Weight Loss?

The 2000-calorie diet is a widely recognized standard for daily calorie intake that is appropriate for most adults.

While nutritional needs can vary from person to person, this amount of calories is generally considered sufficient for a healthy and balanced diet.

The daily calorie requirements for an average adult woman range from 1600 to 2400, while adult men typically require between 2000 to 3000 calories a day.

However, the actual number of calories needed can depend on several factors such as body size, activity level, and other lifestyle factors.

For those looking to lose weight, a calorie-restrictive diet such as the 2000-calorie diet can be effective if combined with regular physical activity.

By creating a calorie deficit (burning more calories than consumed), the body can gradually lose weight healthily and sustainably.

Chrissy Metz has credited a 2000-calorie diet as part of her strategy. By following this calorie-controlled diet and staying physically active, she was able to lose weight and improve her overall health.

It’s worth noting that while a 2000-calorie diet can be a helpful tool for weight loss, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new diet or exercise regimen. They can provide personalized advice based on individual health needs and goals.

Foods to Eat and Avoid on a 2000-Calorie Diet

Following a 2000-calorie diet can be an effective way to maintain a healthy weight and meet your nutritional needs.

While the number of calories you need may vary based on factors such as age, sex, and activity level, this calorie target can be a good starting point for most adults.

If you’re following a 2000-calorie diet, there are many healthy and nutritious foods you can enjoy.

These include calorie-free beverages like black coffee and tea, as well as healthy fats such as olive oil and avocado oil.

Other great options include protein-rich foods like whole eggs, tofu, and seitan, as well as nuts like almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts.

Seafood is another excellent choice, with options like tuna, salmon, clams, and shrimp providing valuable nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids.

And of course, no healthy diet would be complete without plenty of vegetables and fruits, such as spinach, kale, peppers, zucchini, broccoli, bananas, apples, berries, and grapes.

However, it’s important to avoid certain foods when following a 2000-calorie diet. These include foods with added sugar, processed foods, fried foods, and fast foods.

Sweetened beverages like soda and juice should also be limited or avoided altogether.

By focusing on whole, nutrient-dense foods and avoiding calorie-dense, unhealthy options, it’s possible to follow a 2000-calorie diet and maintain a healthy weight while still enjoying delicious and satisfying meals.

As always, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your diet or exercise routine.

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Chrissy’s Eating Habits

In one of her interviews with Glamour, she opened up about her childhood memories. The actress said “I remember there were nights when my mom would not eat dinner to make share that we eat.

It is very sad but when you are 9 or 10 years old you can’t help. It felt very bad and I think this is the reason food equals love in my family. That is the way we showed love to each other.

She further said “Maybe that is the reason food took so much importance in my life. Whenever my grandmother picked me up from school, she would make me a grilled cheese sandwich. Which I loved a lot.

The actress continued “As I got older I connected my emotions with eating. It turned into ‘Oh, I’m happy let’s celebrate and eat. I’m sad? Let me eat my feelings.” That’s the way Chrissy Metz built eating habits.

The show, This is Us, helped Chrissy in losing weight

As Chrissy was cast for “This Is Us”, she was immediately required to consider her weight. Because the role she was playing would also have to lose weight.

This in particular helped her in maintaining a disciplined healthy life. And she also got someone who was also watching her progress.

In Metz’s own words, “That was a win-win for me. Because it is one thing to try to do it on your own. But as human beings, it is an ego thing, we are more likely to do something for someone else.”

Chrissy said about the character of Kate “I like her character. She is very determined in her own way. She has decided to lose weight and she will. This character has given me a lot of inspiration”.

She also considered her personal life as well. She said about her motivation for weight loss “My efforts are for nobody but for myself. I want to have a fit and healthy body. I don’t want to be put in a box, I don’t want to be limited by anything.”

How did Chrissy lose weight?

Chrissy Metz lost weight with a lot of consideration. As she was working on the show, she had to follow the routine. She had to lose weight but not too much.

After eating healthy food and doing a lot of exercise, Chrissy succeeded in shedding some pounds.

Diet Plan

Chrissy Metz’s weight loss journey was fueled by a simple yet effective diet that incorporated plenty of green vegetables and fruits.

However, achieving her health goals also required giving up some of her favorite comfort foods, such as pizza, sandwiches, and hamburgers.

In addition to her diet, Chrissy incorporated fruit juices into her routine to help with weight loss.

But, it wasn’t just about what she ate – she also had to adhere to a strict daily routine to stay on track.

This routine included waking up early at 6 am and going for an hour-long walk before breakfast.

This dedication to daily exercise and healthy eating was key to Chrissy’s success in reaching her weight loss goals.

It’s important to note that while Chrissy’s approach to weight loss may have worked for her, everyone’s journey is different. It’s essential to find a diet and exercise routine that works for your body and lifestyle.

Workout Plan

In her quest for a healthier lifestyle, Chrissy Metz turned to a variety of methods to achieve her fitness goals.

Alongside hitting the gym regularly for intense workouts, she also incorporated the ancient practice of yoga into her routine.

In fact, viewers of the hit TV show “This is Us” may have noticed Chrissy doing yoga on the screen – and it wasn’t just for show. Chrissy was truly dedicated to her fitness journey, both on and off the set.

Her hard work and commitment to exercise paid off in a big way, as she was able to achieve incredible results on her weight loss journey.

While the journey wasn’t always easy, Chrissy’s perseverance and determination to prioritize her health are a testament to her strength and resilience.

It’s important to note that while hitting the gym and practicing yoga was effective for Chrissy, there are many other ways to incorporate exercise and movement into your own routine.

Whether it’s going for a walk, dancing, or swimming, find the activities that bring you joy and make you feel good.

In Chrissy’s own words, “I was so gung ho, I lost 100lbs in less than five months”. Indeed, the results are huge.

What has Chrissy said about her weight loss?

It seems that Chrissy is very satisfied with her life now. As she writes “I thought that success and joy were not coming to me. They were inside me all along only I did not know about them. Every little act I did of showing up for myself brought me to this moment, right here where I am talking to you.

She continued “You are hard-wired for this dream and you will make things happen once you stop waiting for things to happen. Turn all the attention you are putting toward what other people are saying to what you are saying.”

She writes “You’ve got this. Say it: I’ve got this”. Chrissy is very happy and grateful for life.

Chrissy Metz Before & After Weight Loss

Chrissy Metz before after

The picture speaks volumes. It’s hard to believe that Chrissy, before her role in the hit TV show “This is Us”, weighed nearly 290 pounds.

But thanks to her relentless dedication and hard work, she has undergone a remarkable transformation and now weighs a stunning 182 pounds.

It’s truly inspiring to see how Chrissy embraced a healthier lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, to achieve her weight loss goals.

She has become a role model for many people struggling with their weight and has shown that with commitment and determination, anything is possible.

Weight loss is a journey that requires a lot of effort and patience. It’s not just about shedding pounds, but also about adopting a healthy lifestyle that can be sustained over the long term.

Chrissy’s success story proves that by setting realistic goals, staying focused, and making healthy choices every day, one can achieve a healthier and happier life.

Chrissy Metz in 2023

As we enter 2023, Chrissy Metz remains committed to her health journey. Despite already achieving an incredible transformation in recent years, she continues to prioritize her health and fitness goals.

While some may argue that Chrissy is not yet in the best shape of her life, it’s important to acknowledge just how far she has come.

With hard work, determination, and a positive mindset, she has already made remarkable progress toward a healthier lifestyle.

It’s inspiring to see Chrissy’s dedication to her health journey and her willingness to share her story with others.

By being open about her struggles and successes, she has become a relatable figure for many people on their own health journeys.

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Has Chrissy Metz spoken publicly about her weight loss journey?

Yes, Chrissy Metz has been open about her weight loss journey and the changes she made to her diet and lifestyle to achieve her goals.

What motivated Chrissy Metz to start her weight loss journey?

Chrissy Metz had a panic attack on her birthday, which served as a wake-up call for her to start prioritizing her health and well-being.

Did Chrissy Metz receive any professional help in her weight loss journey?

Yes, Chrissy Metz worked with a nutritionist to develop a healthy eating plan and also hired a personal trainer to help her with exercise.

How has Chrissy Metz’s weight loss journey impacted her career?

Chrissy Metz’s weight loss journey has not only improved her health but has also opened up new opportunities for her in her career, including brand partnerships and roles in film and television.

What are some of Chrissy Metz’s other hobbies besides acting and fitness?

Chrissy Metz is also a singer and has released her own music. She is also an avid reader and loves to spend time with her friends and family.

What mental and physical health issues has Chrissy Metz faced?

Chrissy Metz has faced various mental and physical health issues in her life. She struggled with an eating disorder that affected her weight and also suffered from depression.


As you can notice Chrissy Metz went from a very desperate situation to where she is. This all became possible because she did not give up.

She did not give up on her dreams. From the beginning of her career, Chrissy seemed determined. She is not only living a healthy life but also a wealthy life.

All because of her hard work. There is a great lesson in Metz’s story. That is, if you want to change your life do not wait for the right moment as the right moment never comes you have to take a moment and make it right.