Anna Duggar Weight Loss: Shedding Pounds by Running

Anna Dugger is an American TV personality. She has appeared in multiple shows and is also a social media celebrity.

Anna is the wife of John Duggar and is the daughter of Michael Keller and Suzzette Keller. She is the mother of seven children.

The 19 Kids and Counting star has recently shocked her fans by sharing her new photo.

It was apparent in the photo that Anna has lost a huge amount of weight. And, of course, it didn’t go unnoticed by her fans, who were asking her what happened.

It was a big achievement after all. Being the mother of seven children and still finding the time to shed pounds is an extraordinary thing. And her fans wanted to know the secret behind her success. So, without any delay, let’s dive right into Anna’s weight loss journey.

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Anna Duggar’s Weight Loss Journey

Anna’s fans were in awe when they saw her new photo with her sister as she had quite a different physique than before. One fan even wrote, “This is not Anna.” Well, it was Anna and she had lost weight. Throughout her life, Duggar struggled with her weight.

In her recent interview, Duggar said, “Several of our friends made new year’s resolution for fitness, started some kind of diet, and decided to try to make some new changes in the new year. And I always used the ‘busy mom’ excuse.”

She tried to lose weight multiple times in her life but didn’t receive much success. Well, she didn’t use any excuse this time. At the start of 2019, Anna made a final decision to lose weight and succeed this time. And she did succeed in getting rid of her weight.  

How did Anna Dugger Lose weight?

Anna Duggar weight loss

Let’s now turn to the main question of how did Anna succeed in losing weight. Well, she lost weight by running. Yes, you read it right. Anna lost weight by running for 50 miles in February. Anna made a trend by the name of #feb50 where she encouraged her fans to do the same as well.

As Duggar completed the feb50 challenge, she noticed quite a big change in her appearance. She was feeling much better and lighter. When Anna was asked about her weight loss, she said, “The accountability motivated me to keep going and not quit.”

Anna’s challenge didn’t stop with the end of February. In fact, she kept on doing her running challenge in March as well. “Now on to March – happy to go another 50 miles,” Duggar wrote on her Instagram account.

Before & After Weight Loss

Anna Duggar before after weight loss

After losing 30 pounds, Duggar went from 150 pounds to 120 pounds. She has completely transformed her physique and is very happy about it.

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Final Words

After losing weight by running for miles, Anna has completely changed the concept of weight loss.

While before people thought that weight loss was only possible through by starving oneself and working out for hours in the gym. Well, Duggar has something to say about it.

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