Luke Combs before and after weight loss Luke Combs before and after weight loss

Luke Combs Weight Loss [2024]: Before and After Journey

Luke Combs, despite his many achievements, has faced some challenges in his life. He grapples with anxiety and POOC disorder.

On top of that, recently, Luke Combs noticed he was putting on some extra weight. But the good news is he found a way to shed those extra pounds. How did he manage to do it? Let’s dive into that topic.

Weight Loss Journey

Combs had struggled with his overweight his entire life. And though he has been bullied for it in high school, something changed when he decided to do something about his weight.

When in 2016, with the release of his first single “Hurricane, Combs received much fame and praise. However, he also received a lot of negative comments on his weight.

But this is not the sole reason behind his decision to start a weight loss journey. After all, losing weight is not only to stop some critics or stop others bullying you.

Sure your appearance does matter but cutting off unnecessary and unhealthy weight is more important and of course good for your health.

Combs was planning to do something about his weight for a long time. But critics and negative comments on his appearance seem to only fuel his decision to do something about it.

Luke started his weight loss journey at the end of 2016 and since then has made good progress. Combs has worked with his trainer, Kevin Klug.

In one of his Instagram posts, Luke Combs explained his struggle with weight as follows “I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life and have been working my ass off to get to his point.

Further, he thanked his trainer “I really wanna thank my buddy @klugfitness for sticking with me through the crazy schedule and setbacks.”

How did Combs Lose Weight?

Luke Combs before weight loss

Combs started his weight loss journey along with his wife, and then his girlfriend, Nicole Hocking. When you have a partner along your journey then it seems much easier.

Combs and his partner started their journey by restraining themselves not only from junk food but also from meat.

By looking at how little progress Combs has made, one cannot suggest that he ever thought of any weight loss surgery.

Combs and Nicole started a diet plan together and gave each other good motivation along the way.

The real motivation behind Combs’ being vegan came after he lost his first bet to his keyboard player.

It seems a little bit strange, doesn’t it? Well here is the story, Combs bet on a football match where he supported his favorite team, Carolina Panthers.

His keyboard player made a bet on the Atlanta Falcons. Well, in the end, he lost it. Which made him quite angry with himself and he decided to go vegan for the next 3 months.

He was probably thinking of his defeat as an opportunity for weight loss. Combs places a bet with his same keyboard player that this time he will go vegan for 90 days.

How it turned out is our next topic to discuss. Which is of course quite interesting.

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Diet Plan

Combs’ diet plan was more composed of restraining himself from junk food. As mentioned earlier he places a bet with his rival.

In one of his interviews, Combs addressed his wager as “I am now 11 days into my vegan adventure. I mean I’m still alive I will put it that way. I eat a lot of protein bard and a lot of vegetables”.

He explained his struggle further “If you don’t have an idea about being vegan, it is no animal products no matter what. No meat, no milk, no cheese, and no butter. And believe me, it really sucks and is not good. I know it is hard but I believe I will prevail through it.

When he defined his struggle with the diet he also mentioned how badly he was missing meat. He said, “I’m looking forward to a good dear steak after this is all said and done”.

Just a reminder that Combs’ girlfriend, Nicole, was also with him on this journey and she was also going vegan.

However, again Combs’ plans did not come out as they were planned. Luke Combs lost his bet again to his keyboard player after just 30 days into his vegan life.

Bad luck but however he made some progress and it gave him some motivation as well. Combs’ girlfriend also failed just like him.

Combs has forgotten his being vegan since and maybe also about placing any wager. However, he has also continued eating meat but not like before but less than before.

However, if you have not placed some heavy wager on eating meat you can eat animal health products with your healthy diet plan.

All you need to do is restrain yourself from eating junk food and also from eating meat more frequently.

Workout Plan

Where Combs failed in his diet plan (or more accurately in his wager), however, his workout plan was more successful.

Whether it was his trainer, Kevin Klug, or Combs himself but doing some running was not any waste of time.

Luke Combs defined his trainer, Kevin’s, attitude towards training as follows “He really helped me and made me good with my discipline. If you are in Nashville and need your ass kicked give him a shout. Because he knows how to kick it.

Kevin Klug is a professional personal trainer. He also runs his Klug Fitness Club.

How much weight did Combs lose?

How much weight Luke Combs lose

Whether it was his diet plan or hard workout with Kevin, Combs did lose some weight. He lost 10 pounds along his journey.

He mentioned his achievement as “yes I have lost 10 pounds and I know it is something great for a food lover like me.

Where is Combs now in his weight loss journey?

Well, it seems that Luke Combs has abandoned his diet plan after all. He is not seen near the gym recently.

However, if you are struggling with your weight you got to move. Placing a wager about your weight loss journey is really a good thing if it works out for you.

But if you have a strong commitment to yourself and you have control over yourself.

Then the thing is that you don’t need any wager to achieve what you want to. And always keep in mind that “Health is Wealth”.

Diet Plan does not mean restraining yourself from nice food but it is about holding yourself from unhealthy food.

You can eat nice food once you have managed to lose some of your weight. But of course, you will have to control yourself and will not have to eat as much amount as before.

Before and After Weight Loss

Luke Combs before and after weight loss

Before Luke Combs began his weight loss journey and exercise routine, he tipped the scales at around 226 pounds. However, after dedicating time to workouts and sticking to a healthier diet, he made some significant changes.

Now, Luke Combs weighs 216 pounds, which is about 98 kilograms. It looks like he’s pretty pleased with his accomplishment.

What has Luke Combs said about his weight loss journey?

It seems that Combs was rather frustrated with his journey and more accurately ‘Bet’.

He defined his frustration as “Did I honor that bet for being vegan? NO, I did not. I made it just over a month and I just was like, ‘Man I don’t really want to do this anymore so I made the bet with my keys player anyways, and I really debated him about firing him, if I had to follow that wager for whole 90 days. So, of course, no, he was cool with me giving up”.

It seems that Combs is obsessed with some nice juicy meat.

However, restraining oneself from some food that is not good for you is not a hell of a job. In fact, many people have done it.

Not only ordinary people many celebrities have done it. Remember, all you need to do is have faith in yourself and think about your future. Thank you

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