Bailey Sarian Before and After Weight Loss Bailey Sarian Before and After Weight Loss

Bailey Sarian Weight Loss [2024]: A Tough Journey

Bailey Sarian, the renowned YouTuber, has gained fame for her incredible makeup skills, amassing over 5 million loyal subscribers on her YouTube channel.

While she is undeniably one of the most successful YouTubers out there, recent times have presented some challenges for her.

Weight Loss Journey

Sarian disappeared for more than e weeks from her YouTube channel and when she came back, she had very heart-breaking news to tell her fans. Bailey was overwhelmed with emotions during the whole video.

The makeup artists defined the 2020 year as “S*it year” because of Covid-19. She also looked a little bit thinner than before.

Bailey said in the video, “This year has been very hard guys. We had a family member passed in this January, we had a family friend passed away in February, and then my grandpa passed away. And that just sucked”.

Bailey Sarian Weight loss Journey

By saying this, she burst into tears. Bailey also looked thinner as compared to before. She said, “I kinda forgot to take care of myself”. Fans were wondering if she has undergone a weight loss procedure.

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However, hearing Bailey it seemed that it was not the case. She didn’t lose weight intentionally. In fact, she was traveling when Covid-19 started spreading fast.

Sarian said, “We (along with her family) were in Europe, in Belgium. And when I just turned CNN, I saw what the Covid really was. When I read that Trump has banned the travel, we really lost our s*it”.

In all that panic, Sarian didn’t give much attention to her health and because of stress ended up gaining unnecessary weight.

However, as of now, in 2021, she is living a healthy and happy life. She has lost weight as well.

How did Bailey lose weight?

Bailey Sarian Before and After Weight Loss

Bailey is committed to her health journey through a combination of regular workouts and careful attention to her diet.

She’s made a significant change by restricting her daily calorie intake to just 1500 calories. This disciplined approach has played a crucial role in her successful weight loss efforts.

By consistently monitoring her calorie consumption and staying physically active, Bailey has not only managed to shed unwanted weight but has also improved her overall health and well-being.

Her dedication serves as an inspiring example of how making simple but impactful changes to our lifestyle can yield impressive results.

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