Sara Haines Weight Loss 2021: Diet, Workout, Before & After

The famous American TV personality, Sara Haines, has always entertained the viewers with her unique talent. She has been successful in her career. Haines married Max Shifrin and everything is going perfectly. However, there was one aspect in Haines’ life that needed improvement. Her health life.

Sara had struggled with obesity in past. Sara’s weight became a real problem during her pregnancy. As she is the mother of 3 children, she has faced a lot of struggle in this respect.

But in 2019 when she was pregnant with her youngest kid, Haines finally decided to put an end to this. She finally decided to overcome obesity.

When Haines was pregnant with her youngest son, Caleb Joseph, in the year 2019, she was struggling with weight. Her weight shoot very high and within weeks Haines reached a very unhealthy condition.

Now, gaining weight during pregnancy is totally normal but in Sara’s case, certain things were different.

As mentioned earlier Haines has always struggled with obesity and when she got pregnant the weight doubled. So the increase in weight was not entirely because of pregnancy.

She also felt very hungry during the pregnancy, therefore, she ate a lot. However, the good news is that Haines has overcome obesity and lost plenty of unhealthy and extra weight. Here is her full journey.

How did Sara lose weight?

sara haines weight loss journey

After pregnancy, Sara embarked on the journey of weight loss. She said, “I wanted to fix it once and for all”. Fans were going mad when she finally came in public. It was very different to see the new Sara in perfect shape. Her method of weight loss is very healthy and quite impressive.

Haines worked on her eating habits. She gave up unhealthy food and substituted it with healthy food. Haines also developed a habit of working out daily. Sara’s diet and workout plan are discussed in detail below:

Diet Plan

Before starting the weight loss journey, Sara would consume a lot of unhealthy food. She knew and also emphasized the importance of healthy eating. However, she couldn’t follow it. In fact, Sara knew what was better for her, however, she didn’t know how she should do it.

After searching about plenty of weight loss methods, Haines came over Paleo diet. She found it very interesting and easy to follow. Paleo diet is a combination of food that human beings ate by hunting and gathering before the Agriculture revolution. Approximately 10,000 years ago.

A Paleo Diet includes fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meats, and seeds. Sara avoided the consumption of grains as much as possible. With all this healthy eating, Haines soon overcame obesity and positively transformed her body.

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Workout Plan

Haines also practised yoga. Besides Yoga, she also did cardio workouts. Sara would start her day by running for half an hour daily. She didn’t join a gym because of her responsibilities as a mother but she did all kinds of workouts in her home.

Sara about her Weight loss Journey

Sara Haines Before & After weight loss

“Well, I always tried to watch in Pregnancy because I knew that’s an old tale: ‘You’re eating for two’. But I always watched during pregnancy that I didn’t put on too much”. Sara commented about her weight loss in an interview.

Dealing with the Body-Shaming Comments

Unfortunately, Sara had to face some negative comments regarding her weight. But she is a very brave lady and doesn’t give much care to such people. The only thing Sara wrote in reply was, “I love the way I am. And grateful for being the mother of 3 children”.


Sara Haines has overcome obesity. With fighting obesity, Sara realized that was obsessing on this thing too much. She is now very confident and comfortable with her real self.

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