Steve Howey Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before and After

The famous actor from the Shameless show, Steve Howey, is well known for his great physique.

However, this is not the way he has always been. Howey has seen a lot of ups and downs in respect of his health. When his former show, Reba ended, Steve gave up taking care of his health.

As result, he gained extra pounds and ended up being obese. Because of his weight, the actor also suffered vertebrae. However, he had to get in shape when he was cast in Shameless. Not only for the show but for the sake of his health as well.

Steve Procrastinated to Lose Weight

Steve Howey weight loss journey

Procrastination was one of the main hindrances in overcoming obesity. In his interview with Men’s Health, Howey said, “Not many of the comedians I look up to are in great shape. So I made the justification that it’s okay that I am overweight”.

However, with the passage of time, Steve realized that if he wanted to live his best life he had to lose weight. In the same interview, Howey said, “Who cares you are funny or not when you are dying?” And with that realization, Steve finally started his weight loss journey.

Steve has a knack for Fighting Laziness

Steve Howey before weight loss

Steve has learned how to fight procrastination/laziness. In the interview, Howey said, “Whenever I don’t feel like working out, lifting weights I just go on the treadmill and walk. I walk and listen to music for 10 minutes. And when 10 minutes are over, I tell myself that why not go for 15 more minutes”. And that’s how he keeps himself on track no matter what happens.

How did Steve lose weight?

Steve gave the same importance to his diet plan as he gave to working out. Losing weight is nothing more than controlling your eating habits and burning calories.

The super survivors from the show Alone, Biko Wright, and Keely Shaye Smith have lost weight while staying on the island.

Diet Plan

Before starting the weight loss journey, Steve would eat a lot of meat in a day. He still loves chicken and beef, however, he now knows perfectly that if he wants to live a healthy life he should take care of his daily calorie intake.

After the advice of his loving wife, Sarah Shahi, Steve substituted meat for vegetables. For lunch and dinner, he now eats green salad. He has also overcome his drinking habit and has limited the consumption of alcohol as well.

Workout Plan

Steve does a very intense workout. In an interview, he said, “40 minutes is my warm-up. I work out from 3 to 4 hours daily”. Steve performs every cardio exercise for 15 minutes on daily basis. No wonder he has huge muscles.

Steve Howey before and after

Where is Steve now?

However, as Steve is getting old he is slowing down in his workout routine. As of now, Howey is 40 years old. But he seems still young and the same way as before.

Final Words

There’s a lot to be learned from Steve’s weight loss journey. He became obese, and suffered from vertebrae but didn’t give up. He fought back. I hope that Steve’s story helps you and strengthens you in overcoming your life challenges.

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