Tom Skilling Before and After weight loss Tom Skilling Before and After weight loss

Tom Skilling Weight Loss [2024]: Before & After

Tom Skilling, an American television meteorologist who has been with WGN-TV since 1978, has embarked on an astonishing weight loss journey that’s worth exploring.

Not too long ago, Tom struggled with being overweight and had many reasons to avoid physical activity. However, he has since managed to shed over 100 pounds, and his mornings are now filled with invigorating walks, leaving him more energetic than ever before.

Curious about how he began this transformative journey and what inspired him? Let’s delve into the details and uncover the motivation behind Tom Skilling’s remarkable transformation.

Tom Skilling’s weight loss journey

Tom Skilling Weight Loss Journey

Tom’s father was also overweight and because of that, his dad has some serious health issues. His father had a massive stroke and it led him to the bed. Then Tom realizes that he is also going on that path by not focusing on his health.

Many of Tom’s fans were worried about his weight and many suggested he should do something about it.

Tom Skilling Before weight loss 1

Tom got into thinking about losing weight. And said: “Finally, one day you get up and say you know I’m sick of looking like this. Even when I was thinning young. I used to think I was fat all the time and I remember my mother would say you’re not fat and I look at pictures now and I think how could you think you were fat.

Weight Loss Surgery

Tom Skilling Weight Loss Surgery

Tom went to the doctor and ask for help. After having a little discussion doctor told him that he can lose all that weight quickly by having gastric bypass surgery.

It is a surgery where they will cut the big part of your stomach and you will be left with a small size of stomach.

And Tom was ready for it and he had that surgery but after that, he had to care a lot about after stuff. Now his stomach is very small so he can’t eat big meals. That helped him a lot to lose so much weight.

There are also other personalities who have also lost significant weight such as Paul Giamatti and Robert Costa

Diet Plan

Tom asks Patricia Butkus chef to make a delicious but healthy diet plan. Patricia Said: “In Toms case, He wanted to look at a whole lifestyle change. He wanted to be active he wanted to change his diet, He wanted to lose weight, he wanted to continue at his work pace. What we want to focus on is clean eating.”

Tom works 12 hours a day and he doesn’t have time to be creative with recipes in the kitchen so he asks Patricia to help him.

Patricia made all the meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in little boxes and stocked them in the fridge so that Tom has all the meals which work with his schedule and he doesn’t have to eat from outside places.

Patricia also said: “You need to start small what you need to start. It might be meatless Monday’s it might be organic dairy but little steps that just show that you’ve made a commitment to yourself to take care of your health.”

Workout Plan

Tom started working on his body and going to the gym regularly. He had a trainer Joey Thurman and Joey helped him a lot to build strength and do more physical activities.

Joey said: “The exercise is probably the hardest part [for Tom]. And I’m not the easiest guy to deal with. He is feeling better he’s moving around more and his clothes fit much better.”

Tom Skilling Health

He was going through some health issues his cholesterol levels were high than normal and he had breathing issues. 

He said: “My father had a stroke, my grandfather developed diabetes. When you’ve got that kind of family history you better take pretty seriously where you are.”

Before & After Weight Loss

Tom Skilling Before and After weight loss

Tom has achieved an incredible feat by shedding over 120 pounds. Before embarking on his weight loss journey, his weight was a whopping 292 pounds, but through hard work and dedication, he managed to bring it down to a healthier 172 pounds.

These days, Tom is relishing a healthy lifestyle. He kicks off his mornings with invigorating walks and enjoys engaging in various sports activities. His transformation serves as an inspiring example of how determination and a commitment to health can lead to remarkable changes in one’s life.

Tom Skilling about his weight loss

He said: “I’m not one who feels very comfortable about opening my life to what’s going on you know, down to the level of how I exercise or eat. But if somebody will look at this and say hey I was in the same condition he was and maybe I’ll give it a try – then maybe this is for the good

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