Jerod Mixon Weight Loss [Updated]: Diet, Workout, Before & After

Among all stories of weight loss, Mixon’s is the most unique and impressive one. He lost more than 300 pounds in less than a year. Isn’t it something of a surprise? There’s a critical factor in Mixon’s weight loss journey. While many people are wishers, Jerod is a doer.

But Mixon didn’t lose 300 pounds in an instant. There’s a lot of hard work behind it. Jerod saw a lot of upheavals. Because of his weight, he faced a lot of bullies in his school life. When he headed towards an acting career, even there his weight caused a lot of problems for it.

Mixon was also being the target of body-shaming on multiple occasions. Because of his appearance, Jerod was always cast for funny and fat guy roles. He saw his acting career in danger and might be paralyzed in the future.

So tired of all these problems and hindrances, Jerod finally decided to get rid of this problem once and for all. As you know, obesity brings a lot of diseases with it, so Jerod also wanted to improve his health.

Jerod Mixon eating

How did Mixon lose weight?

As mentioned earlier that Mixon’s weight loss journey is very interesting and there’s plenty to be learned from it. Jerod lost weight by following a well-planned healthy diet plan. He worked on his diet a lot.

Jerod also started exercising in the gym. If you want to lose weight, you’ll have to do hard work. Mixon knew this fact perfectly that’s why he embarked on such a journey.

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Diet Plan

Jerod Mixon Before Weight loss

There were several factors that were feeding Mixon’s weight. One of them was his habit of overeating. Not just overeating but also binge eating.

Jerod had a habit of eating a lot even when it was not the time. He was in love with fast food. Whenever he drove by fast-food restaurants, he made sure to grab burgers or pizza every single time. Mixon was also fond of drinking.

So in order to build healthy habits, you’ll have to destroy the old and unhealthy ones. You can imagine it wasn’t an easy task.

Mixon’s habits were simply his repeated behaviors for years. It was really hard for him to resist the temptation. But Jerod knew that he had to do it. And there was no one who could help him in fighting this problem but only himself.

So with the passage of time, Jerod gave up fast food and substituted it with healthy food. Whereat one time he had pizza for lunch, now he was eating green veggie salad. He would eat food rich in protein, such as chicken, eggs, Greek yogurt, etc.

Jerod also overcame his drinking habit and substituted alcohol with fresh fruit juice which helped him in retaining his energy the whole day to exercise. Most of the time, Jerod would choose a green salad for lunch and dinner.

Jerod Mixon Weight Loss Journey

Workout Plan

Mixon knew that only maintaining his diet would not be enough. He had to move his body and do some work out as well.

For this purpose, Mixon joined a gym. He described the experience as “At first it looked very crazy. I didn’t know how to start” That was because Jerod went to the gym after a very long time.

However, with the passage of time, he became familiar with the environment. Jerod would do weight lifting, boxing, and cycling at the gym. With all this heavy exercise, he burned calories quickly and within months ended up losing 300 lbs.


As you can see that there’s a lot in Jerod’s weight loss journey that one can get inspiration from. He lost weight by focusing on one thing. He knew that he had to lose weight and didn’t guess a second time. In Jerod’s own words, “If I can lose weight so can you”.

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