Trish Hegarty before after weight loss Trish Hegarty before after weight loss

Trish Hegarty Weight Loss 2024: Before and After

Trish is a remarkable member of her tribe who defied all odds. People initially thought she was the weakest, but she proved them wrong in more ways than one.

Trish had a unique talent for connecting with fellow survivors and navigating the challenges of survival with savvy social skills. Despite her slender appearance, she possessed a deep reservoir of inner strength.

As the quest for survival unfolded, Trish demonstrated her independence by sourcing her own food and water without relying on anyone else.

Her tireless efforts on the show left such an impression that some fans even mistakenly believed she was a man – a misconception we’ll clear up!

Trish Hegarty after weight loss survivor

But the wild is a harsh place and when you are growing up in this modern world, living on a distant island can be hard.

Even though Hegarty knew her stuff after all, she was a human of the 21st century, just like us. And Trish had to face some difficulties. 

Finding food and water on a distant island is very different from shopping in a mall. There were days when survivors had to stay hungry because they couldn’t find food or if found, not enough. In all this surviving, Trish lost weight as well.

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How much Weight did Trish Lose on the Island?

Trish Hegarty before after weight loss

Under the tribe name, Brawn, Hegarty participated in Survivor season 28. Within 39 days that Trish spent on the Island, she lost 10 Pounds. This is a very surprising figure as compared to other contestants who lose weight up to 89 pounds.

Trish Hegarty skinny

Trish would always have full energy and she also had interesting techniques for surviving in the wild.

No wonder fans thought of her as a man. Replying to this hilarious question Hegarty said, “I was raised with four brothers who were great hockey players. That’s how I got some of this man thing”. Trish found the question funny and replied laughingly.

Trish Hegarty weight loss journey

Although fans love her Trish never returned to the show after the Cagayan season. As of now, Hegarty lives with her lovely daughters and is all healthy and well.