Tony Vlachos Weight Loss 2023: Victory at the Show

Who is a better fit to contest in the Survivor series than a Police officer? Vlachos has participated in three seasons of CBS’s Survivor. Out of them, Tony won two seasons. He is the one and only survivor who has won two seasons of Survivor. He won the 28th season, Cagayan, and the 40th season, Winners at war.

Now of course surviving is not easy. Not when there are people with a lot of experience on the show as well. The training Tony received as a policeman helped him a lot. He outdid everyone.

However, it came at a cost. On Survivor, participants have to survive through their skills at work as well as in politics. 

Tony Vlachos Survivor weight loss

As for politics, we are not going to discuss it here. Now, Tony knew a lot of deal about surviving as a policeman.

Nevertheless, the wild is a very strange place, and Tony never had this experience before. So, Vlachos faced many challenges one after another. He faced many difficulties in finding clean drinkable water and finding food. 

So, while trying to survive, Vlachos lost a lot of weight. Here are the details:

Tony’s Drastic Weight Loss on Survivor

Tony Vlachos Before After 2

While competing on the 40th season of Survivor, Tony lost more than 34 pounds. When after winning the show, Vlachos saw himself in the mirror he seemed shocked. He described the experience as “unbelievable”. 

This weight loss was expected as Tony faced hunger, thirst, and changing weather on the island.

He did very hard work on the show and that’s the main reason he outdid everyone. At the end of the show, Vlachos succeeded in securing 2 million dollars as the prize.

Tony Vlachos before after weight loss

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Where is Tony now?

As of now, Tony lives in Allendale, New Jersey along with his wife Merissa Ann, and his kids.

Merissa was a fellow police officer when Vlachos started dating her. They married on June 2, 2012. He is healthy and good and is living his life peacefully. 

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