Chelsea Houska Weight Loss 2024: Diet and Workout Journey

Chelsea Houska has always taken great care of her appearance, but after the birth of her twins, she did experience some weight gain. However, she didn’t let this deter her.

In fact, Chelsea made some quick decisions and took action to tackle her weight gain head-on. Now, let’s dive into the details of how she achieved this feat, as it’s our main topic of focus here.

Chelsea Weight Loss Journey

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Journey

Chelsea has always been fit physically and she did not have to do something about losing weight, as she never gained unhealthy weight.

And for that reason, Chelsea has always received comments from her fans on her Instagram like, “How do you stay fit and fine?”, “I want to follow your routine” and “How do you stay thinner everywhere?

However, just like any other woman, Chelsea had some struggles with the birth of her daughter, Layne. She gained some weight.

When fans saw these changes in her appearance they turned to where they would find Chelsea Houska active. They turned to her Instagram account.

Chelsea keeps sharing her lifestyle and activities on Instagram. So she shared information about her weight loss as well.

In one of her posts, Chelsea said “You know me, I like to stay healthy, I like to stay thin and whenever I feel like something is challenging my fitness, I give the signals of red alert to my body.” It is a habit that everyone should follow. Being healthy should be our first priority.

How Chelsea lose Weight?

As soon as Chelsea got into her former appearance and lost some pounds. Fans started sharing their theories. Most of them seem curious. Fans have always been curious about Chelsea’s fitness.

So, after receiving so many questions from her fans, Chelsea finally started sharing her diet and workout on Instagram.

However, the information about Chelsea’s weight loss routine in this article is from her Instagram account as well as from some interviews she has given.

This is clear that Chelsea has lost weight by following a diet and workout plan. The plans she followed are discussed as follows:

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Diet Plan

In one of her posts, Chelsea shared a photo of vegetable juice and captioned it as “A little juicy to start the day, Yum”.

It is apparent that Chelsea starts her day with a sip of veggie juice instead of unhealthy tea or coffee. There are many veggie juices, however, the most effective, where weight loss is concerned, are gorge and spinach juice.

Though of course not as delicious as chocolate coffee. But way much healthier. Your next question must be, Well what does she eat-in lunch and dinner? She is more open about her eating, though in a healthy way.

Chelsea shared the college photo of delicious dishes she eats. The photo contained grilled vegetables and protein food.

Chelsea has also shared plenty of photos of pizza. In one post, she wrote, “Pizza life chose me”. Though the pizza, Chelsea eats is always homemade.

In fact, Chelsea makes pizza herself. She also consumes a lot of fruits. She avoids junk food. Chelsea keeps sharing her diet on her Instagram account. If you are interested in knowing more about her lifestyle you can follow her at @chelseahouska.

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Workout Plan

Chelsea Houska informed her fans about her daily walk “I did not know what to expect when this whole workout thing started and it has been a lot longer than I thought it was going to be and even crazy to think that I don’t know when it is going to end.”

She said, “I just wanted to share a few ways with you guys by which I have been staying healthy, mentally and physically.

Chelsea further said, “One thing I have finally taken advantage of is the peloton that I’ve had sitting around. It’s pushing me to work out a little bit more and has been making me feel really great”. She ended with “We are getting outside, when the weather is nice, the kids love going for walks.”

She has also shared some videos of her doing workouts. Lifting weight, cycling, and running.

How much weight has Chelsea lost?

Chelsea Houska Weight Loss Before aftr

Chelsea lost 50 pounds after giving birth to her daughter and before her marriage. She lost these pounds by sticking to the healthy diet and workout plan mentioned above.

Before and After Weight Loss

Chelsea Houska Before After Weight Loss

After giving birth to her third child, Chelsea gained unnecessary weight and she weighed 166 pounds. However, after making decisions about her eating habits, Chelsea now weighs about 115 pounds.

Early Life

She was born as the fourth child and daughter to Randy Houska and Mary Kneip. Houska is an American reality show star. She is famous for appearing in Teen Mom and w.

At the age of 16, Chelsea gave birth to her first daughter (child). This is a very interesting fact about her. She got so much attention from people, who later became Chelsea’s fans. Chelsea is now a mother of 2 daughters and a son at the age of 30.

She has always been famous for her appearance and fitness. Being a mother at a very small age, Chelsea has maintained her body and her appearance.

In 2014, Chelsea fell in love with Cole DeBoer, and after a long relationship of 2 years, they finally decided to make this relationship stronger.

Cole and Chelsea married in 2016. They have two kids together. Their son, Watson Cole DeBoer, and their daughter, Layne Ettie DeBoer. Chelsea’s first daughter’s name is Aubree Skye Lind, and she had with her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind.

As one can tell giving birth, to a child, at the age of 16 is not easy. Chelsea faced so many challenges. After the birth of a child, Chelsea studied the rest of her high school through an online platform.


Chelsea Houska seems very happy with her new healthy appearance. She keeps sharing information about her weight loss.

She appreciated her effort as “I was feeling great, had more energy than ever, and couldn’t have been happier. I felt amazing in my wedding dress and proud that I had done that for myself”.

Receiving requests from her fans, Chelsea finally started a program called “Profile”. Where she helps people with their weight loss journey in return for a subscription.

She said about the program “Having one-on-one coaching if you want it, is a big thing. It is not just the weight loss, it’s going through the stages and keeping it off.

Chelsea also shared about the health impact of the program on her life. She said, “It has been so easy for me to stick with. After doing the program, the habits have stuck with me. That is just how I eat now.

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