Chloe Ting Weight Loss Challenge 2023: [Explained]

Chloe is an Australian YouTuber and a social media celebrity. As of now, she is based in Singapore. She runs a fitness YouTube channel that has more than 24 million. Ting is famous for her fitness challenges. She rose to fame in 2020 for her Two Week Shred Challenge during the pandemic.

As already mentioned, Chloe is well-known for her working out programs. These programs help Chloe’s fans and followers in maintaining their health. As of now, Ting has more than 20 challenges on her website, including an abs challenge, weight loss challenge, and flat stomach challenge.

In this article, as the title suggests, we are going to discuss Ting’s workout plan and find out whether it is as useful and effective as Ting claims it to be. So, without any delay let’s dive right into it.

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Chloe Ting’s Weight Loss Challenge

Chloe’s weight loss challenge consists of 28 days (4 weeks). According to her, by following this challenge one can easily lose weight and live healthily. And there are people, who claim to have lost weight, we will talk about them later. 

Ting’s workout challenge doesn’t need any expansive machinery or any machinery at all. The equipment that you would require to follow Ting’s weight loss challenge is a Fitness mat, a Resistance band (optional), and Dumbbells (optional).

Well, you must’ve realized the flexibility of Ting’s challenge after reading all the “optional” words. She has explained each day’s workout session each week. Here are the full details of Ting’s weight loss journeys:

Week 1

Keeping in mind that it is the first week, Ting has put as less pressure as possible. Day 1 starts with warming up followed by 12 minutes of HIIT. After which comes abs workouts mainly crunches, mountain climbing, and dead bug. And in the end, comes relaxation and cooling down.

Day 2 starts in the same way by warming up for 10 minutes. Then comes full body and upper body workouts followed by relaxation and cooling down. In this manner, Chloe adds and extends the timing of working with each passing day.

Week 2

During week 2, Ting focuses more on working on the legs and arms than the upper body. She does all kinds of working out that strengthen the limbs. From push-ups to pull-ups and from squats to planking. Ting also incorporates a touch of yoga during the second week.

Week 3

Week 3 starts with full body burn and flat stomach workouts. And then Chloe proceeds to focus more on upper and lower body workouts. During the last half of the challenge, Ting also does more exercises that help in burning fat. Warming up and cooling down remain constant throughout the challenge.

Week 4

The workout schedule remains the same during the last week with more focus on booty and waist workouts. In the last week, Chloe focuses more on motivating the audience to keep following the workout routine than she does on incorporating more workouts.

She leaves the audience with a motivating message saying, “I know working out feels exhausting and is tiresome, but when you start doing it you realize the magic of living a healthy life.”

What about Dieting?

People always complain about Chloe as she doesn’t give more importance to dieting than she does to work out. Well, it is just a myth. Ting knows perfectly that there’s no such thing as losing weight without maintaining a healthy diet and has, therefore, provided a detailed explanation of what to eat.

In her YouTube video on eating healthy food, Chloe said that she herself follows this diet and encourages others to do the same. Her diet plan goes as follows: smoothie, muffins, veggies, lean meat, salmon fish, prawns, and fruits. Ting’s diet plan combined with her workout routine is totally perfect for losing weight.

But Is It Worth It Though?

The most frequent question that people ask about Ting’s weight loss challenge is “Is it worth it though?” Well, as it appears, it totally is worth it and there are a lot of people who have actually followed Chloe’s weight loss challenge and have achieved great results.

One of these people is lifestyle YouTuber, Charlotte Pratt. She lost around 5 pounds in a month by following Ting’s challenge. Another lifestyle YouTuber, Olivia Popp, claims to have achieved significant results too.

All in all, Ting’s weight loss challenge works and it has worked for a lot of people. So, why wait any further? Get on the stage and rock it!

Chloe’s Body Measurements

Chloe Ting before after weight loss

As it is, Chloe practices what she preaches. She has followed these challenges and has seen for herself their results and then she puts them out for other people.

It is due to these challenges that Ting has a very healthy physique. She stands at 1.55 m (5 ft) and weighs 114 pounds (52 kg)

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Final Words

If you want to live a healthy life and want to achieve the physique of Chloe, then you should be willing to put in work too. Ting has transformed her life not by sitting in one place but by taking action. And once you embark on the journey of living a healthy life, you will realize what it is worth.